Honolulu Rail Project

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The City and County of Honolulu is in the process of building a $10 billion elevated rapid-transit line that will cover approximately 20 miles from East Kapolei to Ala Moana Center. The planned route passes through Ewa, Waipahu, Pearl City, Aiea, Kalihi, downtown Honolulu and Kakaako.

Since release of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement in November 2008, the city has made a route adjustment to bring a stop near the Honolulu International Airport into federal compliance. The proposed route is scheduled for completion by 2019. Future plans call for eventually extending the line to the University of Hawaii-Manoa and Waikiki.

The Federal Transit Administration issued a Record of Decision approving the project in January 2011. The Final Environmental Impact Statement for the project was released in June 2010. This followed adjustments to the route after the Federal Aviation Administration noted that the proposed train passed too close to the Honolulu International Airport runway. The route adjustment cleared the way for the city to submit the final Environmental Impact Statement to the Federal Transit Administration.

The city considered four options before settling on a steel-wheel-on-steel-rail system, which has received city, state and federal support. During the 2008 general election, 50.6 percent of Honolulu voters said yes to the charter amendment question: “Shall the powers, duties, and functions of the city, through its director of transportation services, include establishment of a steel wheel on steel rail transit system?”

The rail issue was so divisive during the election that more people voted against the steel-on-steel technology (140,818) than voted for anti-rail mayoral candidate, now-Councilwoman Ann Kobayashi. Kobayashi received 128,798 votes.

The project continued to have vocal detractors, however, who have called for alternatives, such as high-occupancy toll lanes with prioritized bus rapid transit or even nothing at all. Rail proponents emphasize a democratic obligation to uphold the people’s 2008 vote in support of the project.

The city’s planned route would include 21 Americans With Disabilities Act-compliant rail stations that will have escalators, elevators, stairs and platforms level with the trains’ floors. Only four stations will have substantial parking facilities, but the rail system is intended to work in concert with TheBus, allowing for easy transfer between the two.


The initial Honolulu rail line is proposed to run about 20 miles from East Kapolei, near the University of Hawaii-West Oahu campus, to Ala Moana Center. Along the way, it would pass Waipahu, Leeward Community College, Pearl City, Pearlridge, Aloha Stadium, Salt Lake, Kalihi, Honolulu Community College, downtown Honolulu and Kakaako. Extensions are also planned. One extension would go from Ala Moana Center to the University of Hawaii-Manoa campus, as well as Waikiki. Other proposed extensions would lead west through Kapolei and to Kalaeloa.

The route proposed in the Final Environmental Impact Statement released in June 2010 would require the acquisition of 160 acres. Previous estimates for acquisition ranged from 183 to 267 acres. Nearly 200 parcels would be impacted, with 40 being fully acquired. In total, 20 residences, 67 businesses and one church are slated to be displaced and relocated.

The city has notified landowners who will be impacted by the right-of-way acquisitions of their rights and has started to purchase properties. Those who refuse to sell will eventually be given 90-day notices to vacate, and will be assisted with relocations under the Federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act. The Federal Highway Administration has published informational brochures on acquiring real property and displacement and relocation.

The route will also have visual impacts. Some trees will have to be cut down and some ocean and mountain views will be altered by the elevated tracks. In vocal criticism of the project, the American Institutes of Architects Honolulu Chapter has posted simulations of what an elevated rail line would look like in downtown Honolulu.


The current rail proposal isn’t Oahu’s first. The idea has been considered for 40 years.

In 1967, the Oahu Transportation Study recommended a fixed guideway from Pearl City to Hawaii Kai, which then-Mayor Neal Blaisdell pursued. In the 1970s, then-Mayor Frank Fasi inherited the project and received federal money for the Honolulu Area Rapid Transit (HART) project, a fixed guideway that would connect Aloha Stadium and Kahala Mall.

However, Fasi’s defeat to Eileen Anderson in the 1980 election put his rail plans on hold. Fasi would regain the mayoral seat and, with support from Gov. John Waihee, receive congressional approval for $618 million in federal funding for HART. The plan called for a 0.5 percent general excise tax increase to cover the remainder of the project costs, but in 1992 the City Council voted down the tax increase in a 5-4 vote, killing the plan.

In 2003, rail came up again, this time as a light rail proposal from then-state Sen. President Robert Bunda. Then-Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, that year also proposed light rail in West Oahu and an elevated Nimitz “flyover” highway. She ended up dropping both plans due to her party’s opposition to the projects, which would have required tax increases for funding.

Two years later, however, both the city and state agreed to work together on a rail proposal. In 2005, the Legislature passed a GET surcharge, which Lingle allowed to pass into law without her signature. This time the city council approved the tax increase.

In 2008, the city, state, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and voters approved the start of a steel-wheel-on-steel-rail system. The project’s groundbreaking was scheduled for October 2009, but was pushed back multiple times until a ceremony in early 2011 marked the start of pre-construction work.

The first segment from East Kapolei to Pearl Highlands is expected to be complete by 2015. The other segments are scheduled for subsequent completion, in three phases:

Pearl Highlands to Aloha Stadium
Aloha Stadium to Middle Street
Middle Street to Ala Moana Center
The entire project is scheduled for completion in 2025.


Honolulu’s $10 billion rail project will be funded by a combination of city and federal funds. The city has already set aside hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue for the project and in 2012 was awarded a total of $1.55 billion in federal funding.


The Honolulu Rail system will use steel-wheel technology. In Feburary 2008, an independent panel of transportation experts appointed by the administration and city council recommended steel-on-steel as the best long-term and most cost-effective solution. The panel cited benefits that include higher passenger capacity, better ride quality, better energy efficiency and lower noise and air-quality impacts.

The panel had compared the steel-wheel on steel-track system to rubber tire on concrete, monorail and magnetic levitation technology.

The decision to move to rail came just a couple years after the city abandoned plans for a bus rapid transit system in urban Honolulu, due in part to concerns that dedicated bus lanes would create more congestion rather than help it. The city considered other alternatives, such as elevated high-occupancy toll roads, as well.


The Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Honolulu rail project looked at the traffic corridor from Kapolei to Manoa and drew conclusions based on more residents and job sites moving toward West Oahu through 2030.

More than 60 percent of Oahu’s population and 80 percent of its employment is located in the designated transit corridor. The planning documents looked at a narrow 23-mile strip bounded by the Waianae and Koolau mountain ranges and the Pacific Ocean. The corridor includes most of West Oahu, including many new and upcoming suburban developments and the “second city” of Kapolei, as well as the business district and Waikiki.

By 2030, the population living in the area is expected to increase to 69 percent, along with 84 percent of jobs. If those projections are correct, along with the expectation that 95,000 commuters will ride a train on a daily basis, the city predicts future traffic congestion will be reduced versus if the system is not built.


In 2007, about 73 percent of more than 2 million daily trips on Oahu originated between Kapolei and Waikiki, including about 350,000 trips during peak morning travel times. Under the proposed system, trains will hold more than 300 passengers, which planners say is the equivalent of more than 200 cars, with trains coming every three minutes during rush hour.

If the train ridership is as robust as the city hopes, it could mean 30,000 fewer cars on the road each day. According to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, this could improve traffic congestion and parking shortages for others commuting to work in downtown Honolulu, Kakaako or the Ala Moana area, even those coming from areas not served by the rail system.

While there is skepticism among opponents about whether the ridership projections will be realized, the city hopes to have similar results to smaller communities, as well as less densely populated cities with successful steel-wheel transit systems, including Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Although 2010 data shows declining ridership in public transportation nationwide, the American Public Transportation Association reported before the economic downturn that public transportation use had been on the rise in several cities, with increased ridership of 5 percent to 43 percent within a one-year time frame.

Honolulu’s ridership numbers will likely depend on how easy the rail system will be to use and how much it reduces commute times. The city so far has offered little data to make comparisons between the length of a rail commute and driving in rush hour. The Draft EIS offered only two comparisons between 2007 rush hour drive times and projected 2030 transit travel times:

• Waianae to UH-Manoa: 128 minutes by car vs. 91-93 minutes by train
• Kapolei to Ala Moana Center: 101 minutes by car vs. 57-59 minutes by train

Impact on Historic Sites

The city has said seven historic sites will face negative impacts, but the Historic Hawaii Foundation believes at least 33 historic properties, including three historic districts, will be adversely affected by the planned rail route.

Adverse effects, according to the foundation’s definition, include “demolition, physical occupation of a portion of the site or having an impact on the site’s setting, context, feeling or association.” Another 50 are in the area of potential effect.

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Inside Honolulu – Government, Politics and Issues – Dec. 19-Dec. 25

Saturday, December 3

Inside Honolulu – Government, Politics and Issues – Dec. 5-Dec. 11

Thursday, December 1

Inouye Says He’s a ‘Realist’ About Rail Project

After Years of Dissent, Rail Critics Get Day In Court

November 2011

Wednesday, November 30

Rail to ‘Plow Forward’ With Or Without Federal Money

Tuesday, November 29

Clock Ticking on $510M in Honolulu Rail Funding

HART Signs $1.4 Billion Contract With Ansaldo

Saturday, November 26

What Convinced Honolulu Rail Officials That Ansaldo Could Do The Job?

Friday, November 25

Ansaldo CEO Satisfies Honolulu Rail Board

Wednesday, November 23

Influential Environmental Group Opposes Honolulu Rail Project

Thursday, November 17

HART Will Delay Ansaldo Contract

October 2011

Wednesday, October 26

Civil Beat’s News Coverage of Rail is Substandard

Tuesday, October 25

‘Intermodal Pete’ and the Tale of Two Bus Stations

Saturday, October 22

Ansaldo, State Reach Deal On Licensing Violation

Rail Shifted From Airport, But Strip Club Stays

Thursday, October 20

Rail at the Airport, Part 3: How Much Will It Cost?

Rail at the Airport, Part 2: Who Was Responsible?

Rail at the Airport, Part 1: What Happened?

Rail At The Airport: Investigation In 3 Parts

Wednesday, October 19

Rail Operating Costs Worry Honolulu Council Members

Hawaii Officials Merrily Celebrate Rail in D.C.

Tuesday, October 18

When Leases End, Lessors Could Gain From Rail

Thursday, October 13

HART: Full Steam Ahead For Ansaldo Rail Contract

Civil Beat Corrects Articles on Rail Land Ownership

Capitol Watch: Oct. 13

Friday, October 7

Rail = Jobs

Rail Price Drops Again In New Draft Financial Plan