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Mazie Hirono

Hirono Takes Stand Against Attorney General Nominee Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Hirono Takes Stand Against Attorney General Nominee

The Hawaii senator, who moved to the United States as a child, chided Sen. Jeff Sessions for his stances on immigration reform.

What Would ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Mean For Military-Heavy Hawaii? Courtesy of Sen. Mazie Hirono

What Would ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Mean For Military-Heavy Hawaii?

Former Marine Gen. James Mattis is likely headed for confirmation as defense secretary. He met Friday with Sen. Mazie Hirono.

Hawaii Hasn’t Been This Short On Congressional Clout In Awhile Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Hawaii Hasn’t Been This Short On Congressional Clout In Awhile

“I don’t think Hawaii can expect any favors from the federal government anytime soon,” says one analyst.

Will Congress Pass Zika Bill? Anthony Quintano/Civil Beat

Will Congress Pass Zika Bill?

Dozens of U.S. senators, including Hawaii's, want the Congress to go back into session to provide $1.1 billion to deal with the virus.
Hirono Campaign Has $558K Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Hirono Campaign Has $558K

The U.S. senator hasn't been raising much campaign cash. But she's not up for election until 2018.
Schatz Shows Fundraising Prowess Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Schatz Shows Fundraising Prowess

Hawaii's senior U.S. senator has a lot of money in the bank, yet he doesn't face much of a challenge in the 2016 election.
House Passes GMO Label Bill Cory Lum/Civil Beat

House Passes GMO Label Bill

Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii calls it a disingenuous measure that makes it difficult for consumers to know what’s in their food.
Honor Coming For Filipino Vets? Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Honor Coming For Filipino Vets?

The Senate unanimously passed Mazie Hirono's bill awarding Filipino World War II veterans who fought for the U.S. the Congressional Gold Medal,
New Bills From Hawaii’s Senators Cory Lum/Civil Beat

New Bills From Hawaii’s Senators

Hirono introduces the Patsy Mink Gender Equity in Education Act, while Schatz backs The Food Recovery Act.

Hirono, Schatz Split GMO Votes Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Hirono, Schatz Split GMO Votes

The U.S. Senate passed legislation to create federal labeling standards for genetically engineered foods.

Gun Control Sit-In In House Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Gun Control Sit-In In House

Dozens of Democrats occupy the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives to force a vote on gun legislation.
Senate Kills Four Gun Bills Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Senate Kills Four Gun Bills

Two measures were favored by Republicans and two were favored by Democrats. All failed largely along party lines.

January 2017

Thursday, January 12

Hirono Takes Stand Against Attorney General Nominee

Friday, January 6

What Would ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Mean For Military-Heavy Hawaii?

November 2016

Tuesday, November 15

Hawaii Hasn’t Been This Short On Congressional Clout In Awhile

August 2016

Thursday, August 4

Will Congress Pass Zika Bill?

July 2016

Monday, July 25

Hirono Campaign Has $558K

Wednesday, July 20

Schatz Shows Fundraising Prowess

Friday, July 15

House Passes GMO Label Bill

Wednesday, July 13

Honor Coming For Filipino Vets?

Sunday, July 10

New Bills From Hawaii’s Senators

Friday, July 8

Hirono, Schatz Split GMO Votes

June 2016

Wednesday, June 22

Gun Control Sit-In In House

Monday, June 20

Senate Kills Four Gun Bills

Thursday, June 16

Senate To Vote On Gun Bills

Thursday, June 9

Filipino WWII Veterans Reunion Program Begins

Hawaii On The Hill: Keeping The Islands On Washington DC’s Map

May 2016

Tuesday, May 24

Hanabusa To Run For Takai’s Seat In Congress?

Wednesday, May 18

Judge Garland ‘Impressive,’ Says Hirono

Sunday, May 15

Derogatory Racial Term Denounced

Friday, May 13

Sanders Backers Dispute Delegate Count

Thursday, May 12

Schatz’s Hawaii PAC Has Brought In $220K In Two Years

Wednesday, May 11

Hirono’s Pineapple PAC Seeks To Help Dems Retake The US Senate

Monday, May 2

Hirono, Ige Raise Zika Awareness

April 2016

Saturday, April 30

Schatz Has $3M In Campaign Cash

Sunday, April 24

Hirono Wants $1.9B To Fight Zika

Tuesday, April 12

US Senate Bill Calls For $137 Million In Aid To COFA Nation of Palau

Friday, April 1

Hawaii Gets Another Superdelegate For Democratic Convention

March 2016

Friday, March 25

Hirono Says She’s ‘Fond Of Bernie,’ But Solid In Her Support of Clinton

Wednesday, March 16

Hirono Votes Against GMO Bill

Sunday, March 13

Hawaii Reps Act On Immigration

Sunday, March 6

Murkowski Wants US-Palau Deal

Friday, March 4

Hirono Says McConnell Violating Law

February 2016

Thursday, February 25

Hirono, Schatz Push SCOTUS Pick

Thursday, February 4

$2.6M In Schatz’s War Chest

January 2016

Monday, January 4

AP: Kids Sexually Abused By Military Members

December 2015

Friday, December 18

Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation Pleased With Budget Deal

October 2015

Friday, October 23

Schatz Sitting Pretty On $2.3M Campaign War Chest

July 2015

Friday, July 24

Pro-Israel Lobby Fills Hawaii’s TV Airtime to Push Against Iran Deal

June 2015

Thursday, June 18

Partisan Fight Erupts in US Senate Over the Defense Budget

May 2015

Tuesday, May 5

Schatz and Hirono Call for Stronger Monitoring of Birth-Control Mandate

Hirono Releases Her ‘Top 10’ Critique of the GOP Budget

April 2015

Monday, April 27

Roll Call: Hawaii’s DC Delegation Packs the Least Punch

March 2015

Friday, March 20

Hirono Among Latest Senators to Visit Guantanamo

August 2014

Tuesday, August 19

Sen. Mazie Hirono Takes on VA Over Hawaii Vet Problems

January 2014

Friday, January 10

Report Cards for Hawaii’s D.C. Delegates: How’d They Do?

May 2013

Thursday, May 16

Hawaii Delegation Backs Reforms Against Military Sexual Assaults

Maui Tea Party Group: IRS Intimidated Us

Tuesday, May 14

Micronesian Windfall? Hawaii Could Get $40M From Feds

December 2012

Friday, December 21

Two U.S. Presidents, Other Dignitaries, Remember Inouye in Washington

November 2012

Monday, November 5

Hawaii U.S. Senate: Hirono Trounces Lingle

October 2012

Monday, October 29

Civil Beat Poll – Hirono’s Double-Digit Lead Over Lingle Holding

Wednesday, October 24

Case Loaned Campaign $50K In Final Days

Friday, October 19

Lingle and Hirono, On The Attack

Wednesday, October 17

Lingle Pollster: ‘Very Close Race’

Lingle, Hirono: We Play Well With Others, Just Not Each Other

September 2012

Sunday, September 30

Civil Beat Poll – Hirono Up Big On Lingle

Thursday, September 27

Inouye Wants Active Role In Hirono Campaign

Monday, September 17

Hirono: Lingle TV Spot Misleads Voters

Lingle: Hirono ‘Flip Flops’ On Budget Cuts

Thursday, September 13

Lingle: Hirono Votes with Dems 96 Percent of the Time

Tuesday, September 11

Hirono: Paul Ryan Passed Only Two Bills In Congress

Friday, September 7

U.S. Senate Foes Reveal Tactics, Debate Facts

August 2012

Tuesday, August 28

Pacific Islands Lose an Advocate in Akaka

Thursday, August 23

May I Speak With the Candidate, Please?

Saturday, August 18

Political Analysts Say Make Way for Sen. Hirono

Tuesday, August 14

Hirono: ‘Strongly Supported’ Budget Control Act

Monday, August 13

Civil Beat Poll – What the Heck Happened?

Lingle: Hirono Missed 127 Votes In Congress This Year

Sunday, August 12

Where The Hawaii Senate Race Goes From Here

Thursday, August 9

Hirono Trounces Case, Sets Sights On Lingle

Sunday, August 5

 Hirono: Case Voted To Make Illegal Immigrants Felons

July 2012

Tuesday, July 31

Hirono: I Stood Up Against Democrats to Restore Native Hawaiian Funding

Monday, July 30

Hirono and Lingle Already Focusing on Each Other

Thursday, July 26

Case Versus Hirono, But Lingle’s In the Mix

Tuesday, July 24

Hawaii Candidates Banking on ‘Like’-Ability

Thursday, July 12

Mazie Hirono Answers U.S. Senate Candidate Survey

Three Versions of One Reaction: A Study in Political Messaging

Monday, July 2

Is Mazie Hirono Getting Nervous?

June 2012

Monday, June 18

Hirono: Hawaii Is the Healthiest State in the Country

Saturday, June 16

National Political Analysts Predict Hirono Will Win Hawaii Senate Race

Friday, June 15

Who’s the Wealthiest Member of Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation?

Senate Hopefuls Hirono and Case Go Out Swinging

Thursday, June 14

Familiar Senate Debate Sees Fresh Exchanges

Wednesday, June 13

Hawaii U.S. Senate Race: The Maui Debate

Monday, June 11

Civil Beat Poll – Case, Hirono Tied In Hawaii U.S. Senate Race

Sunday, June 10

Mazie Hirono: Notes from the Campaign Trail

May 2012

Wednesday, May 30

Case and Hirono, Together at Last

Sunday, May 27

Hirono: ‘Let’s Furlough Linda Lingle’

Sunday, May 20

The Grand Illusion: Endless Money For Weapons and War

Wednesday, May 16

Who’s Making Big Bucks Working for Hawaii’s U.S. Senate Candidates?

April 2012

Thursday, April 19

Hirono Won’t Debate Case On Top TV Networks

March 2012

Thursday, March 8

Hawaii Candidates Play Chicken on Disclosing Their Tax Returns

Lingle Ads Cost U.S. Chamber Big Bucks

February 2012

Wednesday, February 29

U.S. Energy Secretary Touts Lasers for Hawaii Geothermal Development

Thursday, February 9

Hirono Gets 28% of Individual Contributions From Small Donors

Tuesday, February 7

Campaign Ads Now Hitting Hawaii Airwaves

Sunday, February 5

Hirono: I’m Only Candidate Who Opposed Bush Tax Cuts

Wednesday, February 1

Hanabusa Made Most Trips to Hawaii Last Year

January 2012

Thursday, January 26

Lingle, Flush With Cash And On Message

Wednesday, January 25

Lingle Raises $1.8M, Sprints Past Hirono

Obama’s Blueprint for Energy, Defense Could Mean Jobs in Hawaii

Thursday, January 19

Hawaii Speaks Out Against Piracy Bill

Thursday, January 5

Hawaii Candidates Keep Fundraisers Under Wraps

December 2011

Wednesday, December 28

Big Changes in Store for Hawaii’s Congressional Delegation

Friday, December 23

2011 Year in Review — DC808

Thursday, December 22

U.S. Education Secretary: Hawaii Lacks ‘Sense of Urgency’

Wednesday, December 21

Hawaii Reps Blast Obama Administration on ‘Plan B’

Tuesday, December 13

Inouye No. 1 Among Hawaii Delegates in Estimated Net Worth

Tuesday, December 6

How Hawaii U.S. Senate Candidates Would Save $1.2 Trillion

November 2011

Wednesday, November 23

How Hawaii Reps Would Save $1.2 Trillion

Sunday, November 20

Capitol Watch: Nov. 21

October 2011

Tuesday, October 25

Is Medicare A Chink In Lingle’s Political Armor?

Monday, October 24

Hirono Outspends Case, Shells Out $68K to Consultants

Thursday, October 20

Early Endorsements Help Fill Hirono’s War Chest

Wednesday, October 19

When Mazie Met Linda … and Ed

Friday, October 14

Capitol Watch: Oct. 14

Wednesday, October 12

A Day On The Hill: Mazie Hirono

Tuesday, October 11

Observations on Lingle’s U.S. Senate Candidacy From An Almost-Candidate

Lingle Makes Hawaii Senate Race a Must-Watch

Thursday, October 6

Case Comes to Washington and Casts Hirono as ‘Status Quo’ Candidate

Tuesday, October 4

Sen. Inouye Backs Hirono in U.S. Senate Race

September 2011

Friday, September 9

Nice Speech, Mr. President, But Can It Pass?

August 2011

Wednesday, August 24

Grab Bag: Hawaii’s 2011 Congressional Votes

Sunday, August 21

Djou: Hawaii Reps ‘Vote Lockstep’ With Democrats

Thursday, August 18

When Hawaii’s U.S. Reps Don’t Vote the Same Way

Tuesday, August 2

Hawaii Senators Back Debt Deal Despite Concerns

Hanabusa: Republicans Had Edge in Debt Debate

July 2011

Thursday, July 21

Case: Support Has ‘Never’ Come From PACs

Special-Interest Groups Boost Mazie Hirono in Hawaii U.S. Senate Race

Wednesday, July 20

Case Raised Barely Half Hirono’s Total for Senate Run in Latest Quarter

Tuesday, July 19

DISCUSSION: Federal Government

Inouye: Debt Debate ‘Doing This Nation Harm’

Saturday, July 16

Hawaii Execs Put Their Money Behind Hanabusa

Friday, July 15

Hirono Leads in Hawaii Senate Fundraising

Thursday, July 14

Hirono: ‘No Child’ Reforms Would Rob Keiki

Friday, July 1

Mazie Hirono v. Colleen Hanabusa: A Preview?

June 2011

Monday, June 27

Capitol Watch: June 28

Capitol Watch: June 27

Friday, June 17

Mazie and Colleen: Million Dollar Babies

May 2011

Wednesday, May 25

Hirono: ‘I’m a Workhorse, Not a Show Horse’

Thursday, May 19

Word’s Out: Hirono To Run For U.S. Senate

Wednesday, May 18

Capitol Watch: May 19

March 2011

Thursday, March 3

Akaka Retirement Triggers Political Free-For-All

January 2011

Wednesday, January 5

Capitol Watch: Jan. 5

December 2010

Wednesday, December 29

Capitol Watch: Dec. 30

Friday, December 17

Capitol Watch: Dec. 17

October 2010

Thursday, October 28

Hirono Spends $1M On Campaign, Willoughby Misses Deadlines

Happy Birthday Hirono!

Wednesday, October 27

Civil Beat Poll: Hanabusa Has Edge in 1st Congressional District

September 2010

Friday, September 24

Mazie Hirono Answers 10 Questions from Civil Beat

John Willoughby Answers 10 Questions From Civil Beat

Wednesday, September 8

Hirono Raises $800K In No-Contest Race

August 2010

Friday, August 20

Sunday in Moiliili With Dan

July 2010

Wednesday, July 7

Hawaii Links for Wednesday, July 7

May 2010

Thursday, May 27

Can Hawaii Democrats Unite At Weekend Convention?

Discussion: Hawaii Politics

Tuesday, May 18

UPDATE: Abercrombie Opens Second Big Isle Campaign Office

Sunday, May 2

Hirono: ‘Never Take Anything For Granted’

News Flash: Rep. Hirono Elected to Third Term

Mazie Hirono