Who’s standing up for the kids? You have to wonder what lesson children are taking from the standoff between the governor on one side and the board of education and teachers union on the other.

“Both parties have retreated to their corners and are holding their breath until they’re blue in the face,” Rep. Roy Takumi, chair of the House Education Committee, told me today. Takumi suggested that everybody figure out a way to compromise. For example, the board and union could just accept the $62 million Gov. Linda Lingle proposed to get our keiki back to school — that’s better than nothing. Or they could agree on some other amount between that and the $92 million the board/union requested.

Any ideas about who should break the stalemate?

For more background on the Furlough Fridays and on those who decide our children’s futures, I hope you will take advantage of the information I have collected on the following topics:

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