We’re grateful to everyone who has spread the word about Honolulu Civil Beat. There is no greater compliment than when people believe in your service enough to refer it to their friends.

To make it easier to share the Civil Beat love and thank you for your support we are rolling out a new feature today: referral credits!

It’s never been easier to share Civil Beat content (articles, topic pages, updates) with your friends. When you’re on a page you want to share simply click on email icon under the “Share” section. That sends you an email with the entire content of the page you’re looking at. All you have to do is forward that email to your friends and they can view what you just read — for free!

That’s not all. The email will also contain a special promotional link that will give your friend a $5 credit once your friend starts a 15-day trial. Think of it as you giving your friend $5 — just for sharing. Oh, and for each friend you refer who starts a 15-day trial, you get a $1 credit too!

We also updated our Terms of Service to reflect this new feature.

We hope this makes sharing even easier and more rewarding. We’re eager to hear what you think so please share your thoughts below!

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