The Hawaii State Capitol on the day Gov. Linda Lingle vetoed House Bill 444 was a scene of sorrow and joy. Here are pictures from July 6, 2010 — now a historic day in Hawaii. (All photos by Katherine Poythress/Civil Beat)

HB 444 supporters grieve together after Lingle announces her veto of the civil unions bill.

HB 444 opponents pray outside the governor’s executive chambers.

Three HB 444 supporters mourn together after Lingle’s veto.

An HB 444 opponent prays before Lingle’s announcement.

Alana Hope, who is engaged to her partner of five years, shares a moment with a friend after she learns HB 444 has been vetoed.

HB 444 opponents pray together outside the governor’s executive chambers before her veto is announced.

HB 444 supporters grieve while “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Bruddah Iz is played over the speakers.

HB 444 opponents gather on the Makai side of the capitol before Lingle’s announcement.

An HB 444 supporter reacts to the news of Lingle’s veto.

HB 444 opponents pray over the wall outside the governor’s office.

Two HB 444 supporters embrace while listening to Lingle announce her veto.

HB 444 opponents walk around the fifth floor of the capitol before Lingle’s veto announcement.

An HB 444 supporter holds up a sign shaming Lingle’s legacy as governor.

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