Gay marriage in Latin America, an anti-gay marriage bus campaign, and the impact of Hawaii civil unions on local elections.

  • Catholic Argentina today became the first country south of the Rio Grande to legalize gay marriage. The law’s passage “has inspired activists to push for similar laws in other countries, and a wave of gay weddings are expected in Buenos Aires…some gay business leaders are predicting an economic ripple effect from an increase in tourism among gays and lesbians who will see Argentina as an even more attractive destination.”

  • An appeals court in the District of Columbia today ruled 5-4 that the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics “acted lawfully when it rejected an initiative by opponents of gay marriage to have the matter voted upon by District residents in a referendum, rather than by the D.C. Council, which in December approved same-sex marriage.”

  • Civil unions could be a campaign issue in Hawaii this fall. “Activists on both sides insist residents who care about the issue will be galvanized to vote in November,” the Associated Press reported from Honolulu today.

  • The group that helped repeal Maine’s gay marriage law plans a “Summer of Marriage” national tour in advance of the fall elections. The National Organization for Marriage is not including Hawaii — at least not yet — on its 17-state bus tour.

  • Key Democratic congressman are pushing federal legislation that would grant gay and lesbian Americans “the ability to legally bring their foreign partners to the United States.” It’s part of a larger effort to broaden support for immigration reform.

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