In an interview with KITV Thursday morning, Republican Congressman Charles Djou talked about the impact of outside forces on the 1st Congressional District election.

Djou claimed that while his Democratic opponent, Colleen Hanabusa, has seen her share of negative “mainland” campaigning, the left has spent big bucks trying to kick him out of office.

“The amount of money that’s been spent attacking my opponent has been somewhere in the range of $250,000, $300,000,” Djou said. “But the amount of attack ads that have been dumped against me have been well in excess of $1 million.” (Djou’s comments begin at 1:28)

Do Djou’s figures add up?

Civil Beat Reporter-Hosts Michael Levine and Nanea Kalani crunched the numbers and found the congressman partially accurate. (For a detailed analysis of money spent on attack ads in the last two weeks of the election, read Michael’s story).

According to Independent Expenditure Reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, since Jan. 1, the DCCC – the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – has spent $1,259,785 on attack ads against Djou. In the last six weeks, the DCCC has spent about $950,000.

So, on this point, Djou is spot-on. Democrats have spent in excess of a million dollars trying to discredit him.

But what about Hanabusa?

The NRCC – National Republican Campaign Committee – and American Crossroads, a conservative organization connected to Karl Rove, the former strategist for President George W. Bush, have spent $521,757 on attack ads against the Democrat.

All of the money spent attacking Hanabusa has been spent since Oct. 15.

For this Fact Check, we’ll award Djou a “Half True” rating – he was right that negative ads against him have totaled more than a million dollars but lowballed the figure that Republican organizations spent against Hanabusa.