Unlike the Hawaii Senate, the Hawaii House of Representatives has kept its tradition of invocations at the beginning of floor sessions.

Some have been delivered by clergy, but many have come from the representatives themselves.

On Tuesday, Waikiki Rep. Tom Brower, a Democrat and self described “street rapper turned sing-songwriter,” shared what he called a “message of hope” with his colleagues titled “Not In My House.”

If, You, Want, Some Innovation in the Invocation
Invite Chair Brower for the celebration

Separate, Church and State, that’s a debate
But I’m finding time to write God a rhyme

Think about, important things, you believe in
While our soldiers die, for peace and freedom

The people who, separate — make a facade
What they really show me, is denial of God

So let go the pride, keep faith alive
Without freedom of expression — you got no direction

Leadership Speaker, Joey — Cindy — Blake
Let’s show the world, we’re Aloha State

Keep the invocation, for the times we live in
So we’ll have less hate, in our floor debate

If the dollar bill, can say in God we trust
Than why can’t I say a prayer at lunch

Believe, in life, there’s a higher power
Let love guide the House, to its finest hour

Here’s a video of the rap.

Brower, by the way, made online waves last year when he delivered an inspired rap in House chambers that included the refrain “It’s goin’ down.”

You simply have to hear it.

Beats added.

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