With less than a week until the end of the legislative session, fewer than half of Hawaii’s 76 lawmakers have filed their 2011 financial disclosures.

The politicians aren’t doing anything wrong though.

Hawaii law doesn’t require the forms to be filed with the state until after the session ends.

What that means is that the public can’t know about possible conflicts of interest at the Legislature for as long as two years after a lawmaker casts a vote or pushes a bill.

As of Friday, six days before the end of session, 30 legislators had filed, about 40 percent. Of those 30, 12 were filed by freshman lawmakers, who are required to report within 30 days of their election. Of the state’s veteran politicians, 18 filed while the Legislature was still in session.

The results are following a trend. In January, Civil Beat reported that the vast majority of 2010 politicians filed their disclosures after the session concluded.

A sweeping ethics reform bill would have addressed this loophole, but it was gutted and turned into an unsuccessful effort to make it easier for lawmakers to accept gifts.

The disclosures are important because they list income, sources of income, real estate and other financial investments.

Of the 18 veteran lawmakers who filed their disclosures, one representative, Della Belatti, filed in January. Nine others filed in February, three filed in March and the rest in April.

A full list of the lawmakers who have filed their financial disclosures is included below. The list was provided by the Ethics Commission. The reason that some of the filing dates are listed as “Unknown” is because those reports have not yet been posted online.


Representative 2011 Disclosure Filed 2011 Filing Date
Henry James C. Aquino No N/A
Karen L. Awana No N/A
Della A. Belatti Yes January 31
Thomas M. Brower No N/A
Rida T.R. Cabanilla Yes March 23
Diana M. Carroll No N/A
Jerry L. Chang No N/A
Corinne W.L. Ching Yes February 23
Dwight P. Chong No N/A
Isaac W. Choy No N/A
George D. Coffman No N/A
Ty J. Cullen Yes Unknown
Cynthia F. Evans Yes Unknown
George R. Fontaine Yes Unknown
Faye P. Hanohano-Kaawaloa No N/A
Sharon E. Har Yes March 4
Mark J. Hashem Yes Unknown
Robert N. Herkes No N/A
Linda E. Ichiyama Yes February 23
Kenneth T. Ito Yes February 15
Aaron L. Johanson Yes Unknown
Georgette “Jo” Jordan Yes March 24
Derek S.K. Kawakami Yes April 15
Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran Yes February 15
Chris K. Lee No N/A
Marilyn B. Lee Yes February 18
Sylvia J. Luke Yes February 14
Joey Manahan No N/A
Barbara C. Marumoto Yes Unknown
Angus L.K. McKelvey No N/A
John M. Mizuno No N/A
Daynette S.P. Morikawa Yes Unknown
Hermina M. Morita No N/A
Mark M. Nakashima No N/A
Scott Y. Nishimoto No N/A
Blake K. Oshiro No N/A
Marcus R. Oshiro No N/A
Kymberly N. Pine No N/A
Karl A. Rhoads No N/A
Gilbert R. Riviere Yes Unknown
Scott K. Saiki Yes February 17
Calvin K.Y. Say No N/A
Joseph M. Souki No N/A
K. Mark Takai No N/A
Roy M. Takumi No N/A
Cynthia H. Thielen Yes February 22
James K. Tokioka No N/A
Clifton K. Tsuji No N/A
Gene R. Ward No N/A
Jessica E. Wooley No N/A
Ryan I. Yamane No N/A
Kyle T. Yamashita No N/A


Senator 2011 Disclosure Filed 2011 Filing Date
Rosalyn H. Baker No N/A
Suzanne N. Chun Oakland Yes February 23
Donovan M. Dela Cruz Yes Unknown
J. Kalani English No N/A
William C. Espero No N/A
Carol A. Fukunaga No N/A
Gerald M. Gabbard No N/A
Brickwood M. Galuteria No N/A
Joshua B. Green No N/A
Clayton H. Hee No N/A
David Y. Ige No N/A
Les S. Ihara, Jr. No N/A
Gilbert Kahele Yes March 9
Michelle N. Kidani No N/A
Donna M. Kim No N/A
Ronald D. Kouchi No N/A
Clarence K. Nishihara Yes February 9
Ellen L. Pohaikaua Ryan Yes Unknown
Maile S.L. Shimabukuro Yes February 9
Samuel M. Slom No N/A
Malama A. Solomon Yes February 23
Brian T. Taniguchi No N/A
Jill N. Tokuda No N/A
Shan S. Tsutsui Yes February 7
Glenn S. Wakai Yes March 1