Rail opponents who filed a lawsuit to block the project are fighting their battle from afar.

All but one of the named plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed last week live in Southeast Honolulu or Pacific Heights, far from the proposed route.

Another Civil Beat report published today found the vast majority of members of the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit live east of the Ala Moana shopping center.

Of the five plaintiffs directly named in the lawsuit against rail, three live in the Kahala or Aina Haina area. Those plaintiffs are former Gov. Ben Cayetano, University of Hawaii professor Randall Roth and Judge Walter Heen.

Another plaintiff, Cliff Slater, lives in Pacific Heights.

Only Dr. Michael Uechi, who lives in Aiea, will actually live in an area directly affected by the rail route.

Of course, the $5.3 billion project would have an impact on the future of the island and its taxpayers. But both the board that will oversee the project and the opponents trying to block are dominated by people who live outside its basic service area.