The Hawaii Legislature rates rather well in a new report from the The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Though only 75 percent of the nation’s 7,000-plus state legislators went to college, 83 percent of Hawaii’s lawmakers hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

The top state is California at 90 percent while the bottom is New Hampshire with 53 percent.

The Chronicle’s data comes from Project Vote Smart, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research group, which culled the information through biographical surveys and campaign literature.

Most Are UH Grads

Of Hawaii’s 76 legislators, 61 went to a public university. Of those, 38 went to the University of Hawaii-Manoa, four attended the University of Hawaii at Hilo and four attended a UH community college.

Four lawmakers also went to the University of California at Berkeley, the mainland school that led all others for Hawaii legislators. Three each went to Oregon State and George Washington.

Some 32 percent of Hawaii legislators went to college out of state. By contrast, just 22 percent of mainland lawmakers went to a college that was not in their home state.

More than 21 percent of Hawaii legislators have a law degree; just 17 percent of their mainland colleagues have JD’s.

Lastly, only 7 percent of Hawaii legislators have no college experience, roughly comparable to the mainland average. But the Chronicle also notes that 39 percent of Hawaii residents have no college experience.

In the same report, by the way, the Chronicle also includes several separate articles that consider — among other topics — whether an educated legislature actually produces better governance.

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