The FBI says no charges have been filed in the case of an alleged hacking earlier this year of a state lawmaker’s official email account and website.

The site bears Rep. Kymberly Pine’s name, but she doesn’t actually own the rights to the domain name or control the server that hosts the images that appeared in the email. Those are controlled by Eric Ryan — the person Pine accused of hacking the site and calling her “a crook.”

“I can tell you that there have been no charges brought in the alleged hacking of Rep. Pine’s email,” said Tom Simon, a special agent with the FBI in Honolulu, on Friday.

Simon declined to comment further, saying it is FBI policy not to comment on cases.

But Pine, a Republican representing Ewa Beach, Iroquois Point and Puuloa in the Hawaii House of Representatives, said Friday that she is continuing to pursue legal recourse.

“I cannot confirm or deny that a case is going on with the FBI,” she said. “But multiple incidents with Mr. Eric Ryan’s harassment of me have been reported to authorities, and Mr. Ryan has been trying to extort money from me for a very long time. I do not owe him any money, and I have all records and receipt showing such.”

Ryan, Honolulu Councilmember Tom Berg’s chief of staff, did not respond to Civil Beat’s call Friday morning.

“Every type of civil and legal action is being considered against him so that I can prevent him from victimizing anyone else in the future,” said Pine. “My whole reason for coming forward is to make sure there are no other victims after me.”

Alleged Hacking

Messages were left with the Honolulu Police Department and the state Sheriff Division to ask if any charges had been filed in the Pine case and whether investigations are being conducted. But Friday is both a state and county furlough day.

Dave Koga, a spokesman for the Honolulu Prosecutor’s Office, said his office had not yet received a report from police that would lead to the filing of possible charges.

The dispute between Pine and Ryan, who did online media work for Pine’s 2010 re-election campaign, involves an altered email sent from Pine’s official Capitol account in early June and the alteration of Pine’s website,

Ryan has acknowledged that he swapped out images in both the email and website, images that included words alleging Pine owes Ryan thousands of dollars for past work. Ryan calls Pine “a crook.”

In an unsolicited email to Civil Beat on June 3, Ryan said Pine’s Internet accounts had not been hacked, as Ryan claimed to control the server that handled the website and hosted the images in the email.

New Twist

Daniel Brackins, a Los Angeles-based online media specialist who has also done campaign work for Pine, told Civil Beat Friday that Ryan does indeed have domain ownership.

That’s because, as the former owner of the domain name, Brackins said he asked web-hosting company Bluehost to transfer the ownership to Ryan in August 2010.

“He currently does control them,” Brackins said of Ryan. “What I think happened is, when he was working for her, he was hosting images on his own server. So, he simply switched the images.”

Brackins says he, too, is owed money by Pine for web work.

He also says that, after Pine’s website was altered in April, she contacted Bluehost to have domain ownership switched back to Brackins, “since I was the original and first owner of the domain names,” he said.

What happened next is chronicled in an email from Brackins to Civil Beat on Friday:

5/2011-6/11 The FBI contacts me in regards to an investigation of Eric Ryan. I tell Pine and the FBI that I will hold the domain name until the investigation is complete so I can give the domain to its rightful owner. All parties agree to this.

6/11- The FBI informs me that they have concluded their investigation and they found no criminal wrongdoing on Eric Ryan’s part, and that it would be a civil case between Pine and Eric.

After that, Brackins said he contacted Bluehost and transfered the domain back to Ryan — something Brackins said prompted Pine to threaten him with legal action.

A check of the domain’s ownership shows Ryan as the current owner.

Pine declined to comment on Brackins allegation of legal action, citing pending law enforcement investigations. But she did say she had paid both Ryan and Brackins for the work they performed for her.

“You can go to the campaign spending records and you will see I paid both of these people very handsomely,” she said.

Pine said she also paid Brackins an additional $10,000 for website work for her legislative office.

In another development, here is what Pine’s website looked like as of Friday:

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