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5:48 p.m. No Shackles for Pregnant Inmates

Neil Abercrombie signed six more bills into law today, including one that prohibits physically restraining inmates who are pregnant or in postpartum recovery, “unless extraordinary circumstances exist,” according to a description of the law.

5 p.m. Gov: Employees are ‘Cornerstone’ of Middle Class

The governor’s latest weekly message says in part, “Public employees are a cornerstone of Hawaii’s working middle class who pay taxes like everyone else and who keep our economy and communities thriving.”

The message comes on the first day of pay cuts and increased health costs for the HGEA. Contracts for the UPW and HSTA, meanwhile, expired yesterday.

4:40 p.m. Nonaka Leaving GOP Position

The Hawaii Republican Party says its executive director, Dylan Nonaka, has stepped down to form a political and public affairs consulting firm, The Kahua Group, and to spend more time with his family.

Nonaka had held the job for just over a year. He also managed Charles Djou‘s special election for Congress last year.

3:02 p.m. Neighbor Island Government News

Kauai officials increase Department of Water’s cost of power adjustment rate, effective today

Big Isle Council defeats Kenoi budget veto but falls short of override

Big Isle mayor seeking 5% salary cut, furloughs for some HGEA workers

2:16 p.m. HGEA and the ‘American Way’

A tweet from HGEA (@hgeahawaii, 326 followers) states “Collective Bargaining Is the American Way” and directs readers to an American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO‘s website, where one will find this passage:

To rise to today’s challenge one of the most effective things you can do is stand up and be a proud public service worker. Unions helped make this country great, and there’s no better time than Fourth of July to share that fact with everyone you know.

Today, of course, is the first day of a new labor contract for HGEA, sans the nurses’ unit.

New Laws for Hawaii

With the start of a new fiscal year today, dozens of new state laws are in effect.

They include laws regarding prostitution (e.g., no solicitation near schools and public parks), sex offenders (they now include promoting prostitution), certain income tax deductions (kiss them goodbye), the general excise tax (kiss temporary exemptions goodbye, too), animal cruelty (e.g., don’t kill someone’s pet without permission), sick leave (if you are a public employee, your boss can’t punish you for taking accrued days off) and the motor vehicle weight tax (it’s going up).

About that Mortgage Foreclosure Law

Act 48, as it’s known, has been in the news of late, including Civil Beat reports.

It’s a complicated law, and possibly in need for fixing, given Fannie Mae’s end run around the law.

Bob Herkes, one of the authors of Act 48, offers a nice little breakdown of what the law does.

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