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4:39 p.m. A New Law on Handicap Parking

Senate BIll 1342 was signed into law today. Here’s what it does:

Requires disabled parking placards to be hung from the front windshield mirror of a vehicle when the placard is in use. Allows the placard to be displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard if the design of the vehicle’s rearview mirror precludes secure hanging of the placard.

3:02 p.m. $117M in Federal Money for Education

Hawaii’s congressional delegation has issued a press release saying that Hawaii will receive more than $117 in federal funds for education this fiscal year “including more than $39 million for education programs targeting children living with disabilities” and “more than $47 million for the improvement of existing state programs.”

The funds, for the federal fiscal year 2011 (it ends in September) are distributed by the U.S. Department of Education.

1:39 p.m. Gov: Homeless Plan Working

Halfway into the administration’s 90-day plan to address homelessness, Neil Abercrombie says it’s working.

“From what we see so far, many people are answering the call and collaboration is at an all-time high,” the governor said in a press release today, which will be posted shortly to his official website.

Evidence, according to the administration, includes more groups providing food to shelters rather than serving meals in public spaces, and 125 people in Waikiki and other urban areas moving from emergency shelters or the streets into transitional or permanent housing.

12:36 p.m. Gov: Vote for Shane Victorino!

Neil Abercrombie has tweeted (@neilabercrombie) his wish that folks vote “to get Maui’s own Shane Victorino of the Philadelphia Phillies on the NL All-Star roster.”

The governor includes a link to the online ballot.

Gabbard Not Running For U.S. Senate

Democratic state Sen. Mike Gabbard has informed supporters, “Many of you have called, emailed or cornered me at Costco encouraging me to jump in the race, but after serious consideration, I’ve decided to pass.”

He will run for re-election, however, and help daughter Tulsi Gabbard in her run for the U.S. House CD 2.

Two Offered for UH Regents

The Regents Candidate Advisory Council has given the names of Gregory C. Chun and Barry T. Mizuno to Gov. Abercrombie to fill a Hawaii County seat on the UH Board of Regents.

The governor’s first two picks were soundly rejected by the state Senate.

Political Kalua Pig

The Grassroot Institute has released its 2011 report on Hawaii pork projects, subtitled “Your Tax Dollar$ Wa$ted!”

The report singles out (among many) the state for raising taxes, Honolulu for giving tax breaks to historic homes, Aloha Stadium for fixing Aloha Stadium, the DOE for lost textbooks and stolen equipment, OHA for lobbying on the Akaka bill and DBEDT and the HTA for promoting Hawaiian music.

Neighbor Isle Gov’t News

Kauai is worried that fireworks are bad for marine life.

Big Isle Council wants members to stop name-calling, obscene gestures.

New study says parking in Wailuku is a barrier to growth.

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