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5:09 p.m. Gov Issues HSTA FAQ

Just posted on the Abercrombie administration’s website is this item:

FAQ concerning our public school teachers and HSTA


Did the state “walk away from the bargaining table”?

Many months of negotiations between the state and the HSTA concluded when the HSTA board rejected the final offer that was agreed to by its designated HSTA negotiators. Faced with no agreement and no counter offer, everyone needed to prepare for the upcoming school year. Implementation of the “last, best, and final” offer was the only recourse available to begin the school year on time.

3:48 p.m. Talking About Energy

“Energy Independence: A Plan For The Future” is on tap for 6 p.m. at Democratic State Headquarters at Ward Warehouse.

Speakers include Estrella Seese, Robert Harris, 
Henry Curtis, 
Richard Ha and Ray Starling. Click here for more info.

2:12 p.m. Senate Expresses ‘Shared Sacrifice’ on Budget

By a vote of 69-27, the U.S. Senate today approved a motion to proceed with a bill that expresses “the sense of the Senate on shared sacrifice” in resolving the budget deficit.

Dan Akaka and Dan Inouye were in the majority on the vote; only one Democrat, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, voted with 26 Republicans in the minority.

9:05 a.m. Hanabusa Joins Energy Caucus

Colleen Hanabusa has joined the newly formed Defense Energy Security Caucus, a “bipartisan group focused on educating Congress and the American people on the importance of utilizing sustainable and renewable energy solutions within the U.S. military,” according to a press release.

“The caucus will serve as a forum where members of Congress, DoD officials, military leaders, and energy industry experts can have discussions and exchange ideas,” the release explains. 

Roll Commission Applicants Wanted

The governor is seeking applicants for the new five-member Native Hawaiian Roll Commission that will “build the foundation” for self-determination, according to the administration.

The four requirements for the job include the following:

Be an individual who is a descendant of the aboriginal peoples who, prior to 1778, occupied and exercised sovereignty in the Hawaiian islands, the area that now constitutes the State of Hawaii; or an individual who is one of the indigenous, native people of Hawaii and who was eligible in 1921 for the programs authorized by the Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, 1920, or a direct lineal descendant of that individual.

No Break for Hawaii Reps

Eric Cantor has canceled the July recess that was to have begun the week of July 18, so that the U.S. House can deal with the Aug. 2 debt-ceiling deadline.

Harry Reid previously canceled the Senate‘s break.

House Slows Military Gay Marriage

The U.S. House on Friday voted 236-184 to prohibit military chaplains from performing same-sex marriages on the nation’s military bases regardless of state law.

Republican Tim Huelskamp, sponsor of the amendment, said he wanted to ensure that “America’s military bases are not used to advance a narrow social agenda.”

Mazie Hirono and Colleen Hanabusa voted against the amendment, a vote that was heavily along party lines.

Gay Hawaii

The gay advocacy site The Advocate says Hawaii and especially Maui are hot travel destinations, thanks to the new civil unions law and a ban on gender discrimination in employment.


Hawaii is also now, without question, the birthplace of our nation’s most gay-friendly president. It’s a new day for the Aloha State, and the perfect time to reward Hawaii with your company.

Forbes Hates Hawaii Tax on Rich

Forbes has an article lamenting the signing of Senate Bill 570, “making Hawaii the first state in the nation to place a dollar cap on the itemized deductions that better-off taxpayers can claim.”


Note that Hawaii already has the highest state income tax rate in the nation — a hefty 11 percent on taxable income above $400,000 for a couple or $200,000 on a single.

Neighbor Isle Gov’t News

KIUC members affirm Free Flow contract

NELHA facility harnesses power from ocean

Molokai veterans center suit may proceed

Talk focuses on Pohakuloa Training Area expansion

Reform bills for Maui short-term rentals

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