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3:36 p.m. No Electric Car For Governor

At the official unveiling this afternoon of the first electric vehicle charger at the state Capitol (Civil Beat wrote about it last week), Neil Abercrombie was asked whether he’d be trading in his official gas-guzzling SUV anytime soon.

Answer: No.

The governor said his administration looked into the idea, but the idea was nixed because of protection purposes.

“They don’t make a vehicle right now for general sale that will meet the requirements of the security,” he said. “That’s the only thing that holds it up right now, and I have to obey the law on that, or what the rules are on that,”

3:04 p.m. UPDATE More Storytelling, Please

At a legislative briefing today on the film industry, culture and youth development, Ramsay Taum urged for more support of storytelling ventures.

“What are we if we aren’t our stories?” said Taum of Pacific Islanders in Communications. “Pacific Islanders are storytelling cultures. … We need to guard against misappropriation of those stories.”

Representatives of schools, media and “creative industries” said lawmakers could help such ventures through tax and infrastructure credits. House Culture and Arts Chair Jessica Wooley promised a follow up.

“If Earth is an island, what better people than islanders to help us get through the 21st century?” said Taum. “Our future is our stories.”

1:19 p.m. Ihilani, Hale Koa to host APEC Leaders

Better luck next time, Pagoda Hotel!

The APEC 2011 leaders’ reception and dinner is set for Nov. 12 at the Hale Koa Hotel in Waikiki — the one where the military goes for R&R. On Nov. 13, the APEC Leaders will meet at the J.W. Marriott Ihilani Ko Olina (nice and remote, eh?).

The Hawaii Convention Center, meanwhile, will host ministerial and senior officials’ meetings as well as house the international press file center.

10:32 a.m. More Arizona Prison Woes

Courthouse News Service reports that there is a new complaint in federal court against Corrections Corporation of America — the company that runs the Arizona prison housing Hawaii inmates. Hawaii’s Department of Public Safety is named as a co-defendant.


Guards … continue to abuse prisoners who sought a protective injunction after CCA guards stripped, beat, kicked and threatened to kill them, and “the warden himself” threatened their families. …

The five inmates at CCA’s Saguaro prison in Eloy, Ariz., say they have suffered continuing retaliation and physical abuse from CCA guards, after the July 2010 prison fight that led to the original lawsuit.

8:52 a.m. Pot Raid on Kauai, Black Hawks on Mauna Kea

Avoiding booby traps, Kauai cops pull 1,805 pot plants

Kauai Planning Commission approves Kawaihau path spur

DLNR officials visit proposed Mauna Kea, Mauna Loa landing zones for Army

Tsunami glow theory put to test on Maui to better predict waves

Maui County visitor count up but growth slows

Young Bros. talks to Molokai about proposed rate increases

Presentation: Herkes on Act 48

Bob Herkes is scheduled to speak to the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce midday about Act 48, the controversial mortgage-foreclosure law passed by the Legislature this year.

Herkes, a key architect of the law, believes it is a tough law that will help homeowners. But some critics say the law is already being skirted by major lenders.

Commemoration: Korean War

Beginning at 9:45 a.m. at Punchbowl Ceremony, Hawaii will join members of 67 United Nation countries that participated in the Korean War in commemorating the signing of the 1953 armistice agreement.

The national Korean War Veterans Association has chapters on all major Hawaii islands.

Briefing: Art, Film, Youth

House Culture and the Arts is scheduled to hold an informational briefing this morning at the Capitol to discuss “how to better promote public and private collaboration, success for our film industry, and youth development,” according to a press release.

Those invited to speak include Ramsay Taum, Candy Suiso, Ty Sanga and Don Sand.

Meeting: Elections Commission

The commission is scheduled to meet this morning at the state Capitol to talk about … wait for it … elections!

The nine-member commission appoints the chief election officer and oversees the functions of the CEO and the state Office of Elections.

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