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3 p.m. Schatz: Administration Moving Forward

The Associated Press has a report today stating that acting governor Brian Schatz says the administration is moving forward on the economy despite a spate of recent resignations.


He declined to discuss whether the staffers who resigned were asked to leave or not, saying he doesn’t think that’s something the public is interested in.

11:32 a.m. Hawaii Christian Coalition Salutes Kaauwai

Hawaii Free Press has posted a press release from Garrett Hashimoto and the Hawaii Christian Coalition.


The Hawaii Christian Coalition would like to thank Jonah Kaauwai for his dedicated service to the Hawaii Republican Party. Although we accept the party’s change of leadership, we hope that their platform of honoring life and families will continue.

9:30 a.m. Boersema’s Priority: ‘Smooth Transition’

Neil Abercrombie‘s new communications director Jim Boersema says his top priority for the next month is a “smooth transition” as the administration loses its chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, communications director and deputy communications director.

“I want to quickly find out all the things that happened in the past and move forward, because this job involves all the Cabinet level, too,” Boersema told Civil Beat this morning. “I want to talk to both the media and staff and make an analysis.”

Boersema officially started his new job today and said he expected to work closely with current communications director Josh Levinson.

Boersema quietly left his post as state Senate communications director on Sept. 30 — “I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it,” he said. “I did not come looking for a job. I was called by a friend (the governor) late last week.”

Boersema, a retired Army colonel, said he would continue to serve as chair of Unity House as it goes through bankruptcy and also remain chair of the board of directors of Olelo Community Media.

“If I find they become a distraction, I will resign the posts,” he said, adding that he would also not lobby for gambling (something he has long supported) while working in the administration.

“My priority is this job,” he said.

Exodus Vibration

The resignation of communications staffer Laurie Au from the Abercrombie administration on Friday raises the count of those heading to the exit door to four for the week and nine since January.

Top aides Amy Asselbaye and Andrew Aoki submitted their resignations last week, followed shortly by Communications Director Josh Levinson.

Same goes for Ed Teixeira of Civil Defense, who, while not hired by the governor, served under his Adjutant General, Darryll Wong. Teixeira cited disagreements with the new administration as the reasons for his abrupt departure.

Sunshine Topping of Human Resources quit last month. Earlier in the year Bobby Hall at Hawaiian Home Lands, Dean Hirata at Budget and Finance and Neal Palafox at Health also stepped down not long after their hire.

Not included in the count: Lloyd Nekoba, who was hired temporarily to help out the administration but left to help Ed Case run for the U.S. Senate; and the handful of Linda Lingle-appointees who accepted Neil Abercrombie‘s resignation requests.

Click here to view all of the governor’s staff and Cabinet.

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