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5:50 p.m. GLBT Dems: Lingle’s Ironic Timing

This press release came over the transit late today from the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus of the Democratic Party of Hawaii:

“We find it ironic that she chose National Coming Out Day to announce her candidacy against two Democrats with a long history of supporting us when one of her most notorious acts was vetoing the civil unions bill. Not only did she veto the bill, she invited specific supporters of the bill and assigned them front-row seats; I found that unnecessarily cruel,” said Jo-Ann Adams, Chair of the GLBT Caucus.

Governor Lingle vetoed the civil unions bill just 15 months ago on July 7, 2010. Michael Golojuch, Jr., Vice Chair added, “We have not forgotten her veto which broke the promise she made to us in 2002. I was there at The Center when candidate Linda Lingle stated that while she would not introduce a civil unions bill, she would not veto one if it crossed her desk.”

3:30 p.m. Abercrombie in Tokyo

Neil Abercrombie and officials from the Hawaii Tourism Authority were in back-to-back meetings with Japanese tourism representatives in Tokyo yesterday, according to a press release from the administration.

The governor said Hawaii remained committed in supporting Japan as it recovers from the March tsunami.

“These are resilient people, and it is important for them to know that our aloha for Japan continues as it rebuilds,” the governor said. “But it was equally important to build upon our relationship as we work to strengthen visitor industry ties.”

The governor was scheduled to travel to Okinawa today. He will be joined tomorrow by UH President MRC Greenwood for meetings at a university.

12:20 p.m. Waikiki Homeless Asked to Leave for APEC

KHON has this report regarding efforts to clear Waikiki of homeless people in time for the APEC summit.


“We ask our homeless clients, has anyone been bothering you or giving you a difficult time?” said Paul Oshiro, Waikiki Health Center Care-A-Van. “As far as APEC is concerned we’ve noticed that there is a push to I guess disperse homeless encampments or populations that have spread out.”

Coppa, Boersema On the Job

The Associated Press has this article about the governor’s new communications director, James Boersema, and new chief of staff, Bruce Coppa, and their first day on the job.


“Any transition takes a week or two but everything has been moving very smoothly,” said Boersema, a retired Army colonel with thirty years of experience in public relations.

Briefing: House and the Debt

GOP members of the Hawaii House of Representatives will host an informational briefing on government debt at 10 a.m. in state Capitol Room 309.

Speakers, according to a press release, include Shiela Weinberg from the National Institute for Truth in Accounting, local economist Paul Brewbaker and state budget chief Kalbert Young.

Meeting: Puna Redistricting

Big Island Chronicle has this post about public meetings of the Hawaii County Redistricting Commission.

At issue: Is Puna ready for two unified districts with two Council members?

Maui County Officials Represent Outside Districts

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