WASHINGTON — Former Congressman Ed Case netted $134,417 in his race for U.S. Senate last quarter, according to paperwork filed with the Federal Election Commission. The Case campaign earlier reported that Case took in $136,000, which did not account for $1,200 in donation refunds.

Case’s opponent in the Democratic primary, Rep. Mazie Hirono, more than doubled his fundraising last quarter. Hirono raised $302,444 in the same three-month period.

Case, a Democrat, spent $69,922 in the three-month period that ended Sept. 30, and reported having $272,267 in cash on-hand.

The vast majority of donations to the Case campaign — about 98 percent — came from individuals. Case took $2,500 in donations from two political action committees.

Several attorneys donated to Case’s campaign, much as they did in the previous three-month quarter that ended June 30. Case also attracted donations from those who work in farming, and from a handful of teachers.

Donation refunds included $200 to former Honolulu City Council candidate Sesnita Moepono for a bounced check, and $1,000 to Alexander Marrack for a “Visa mistake.”

Here’s a snapshot of some of the people who gave to Case, and their year-to-date contributions to his campaign.

Business Leaders Who Support Case

• Michael Barnes, co-founder of the New York asset management firm Tricadia: $5,000
• James McCully, owner of Mauna Kea Orchids: $5,000
• Evonne Bjornen, owner of Bjornen Mac Nut Farm:$2,500
• Larry Jefts, owner of Sunshine Farms and other farms: $2,500
• Louise Jefts, owner of Waikele Farms and other farms: $2,500
• Richard Malmgren, president of RCM Construction: $2,500
• Glenn Nakamura, owner of Shell gas stations: $2,000
• Charles Pires, president of Honolulu Marine LLC: $2,000
• Howard Green, attorney and owner of the North Shore Marketplace: $1,200
• Robert Brant, president and CEO of Gentry Homes Ltd.: $1,000
• Michael Fujimoto, president of HPM Building Supply: $1,000
• Woody Hunt, CEO of Texas-based Hunt Companies, Inc., and affiliated development firms: $1,000
• Katherine Hirayama, owner of Hirayama Brothers Electric, Inc.: $1,000
• Ian Kagimoto, co-founder of wastewater treatment company Aqua Engineers: $1,000
• Raymond Kawamata, partner at Kawamata Farms: $1,000
• Bruce Anderson, president and CEO of Hawaii Health Systems Corp., former state health director: $500
• Cormac O’Carroll, owner of Hawaii Watersports Center: $500
• Diane DeFranco, COO of Washington, D.C.-based iMapData, Inc.: $500
• Mitch D’Olier, president and CEO of Kaneohe Ranch Management Ltd.: $500
• Ronald Oshiro, president of construction firm Ron’s Construction Corp.: $500
• Steven Hidano, president of Hidano Construction, Inc.: $500
• Harry “Pono” Von Holt, owner of Ponoholo Ranch on the Big Island: $500

PACs That Gave to Case

• Hawaiian Airlines Political Action Committee: $1,500
• SBCA-PAC, Inc., the Small Business Council of America’s political action committee: $2,000

Other Case Supporters You May Know

• Carol Case, Ed Case’s aunt: $5,000
• Daniel Case, Ed Case’s uncle: $5,000
• Alice Guild, former Friends of Iolani Palace director and Campbell Estate heir: $5,000
• Judith Flanders, retired Honolulu resident: $5,000
• Janice Higashi, retired Hilo resident: $2,975
• Sharon Twigg-Smith, president of Twigg-Smith Group LLC: $500
• Michael Twigg-Smith: $500

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