WASHINGTON — Congresswoman Mazie Hirono has far outpaced former Congressman Ed Case in fundraising in the campaign for U.S. Senate. But the Hirono camp is spending heavily on consultants and planners while Case’s biggest expenditure this quarter was to repay himself $20,000 for a loan left over from his 2010 campaign.

Last quarter, Hirono raised $302,444 to Case’s $134,417, according to Federal Election Commission records detailing the three-month filing period that ended Sept. 30.

Hirono’s campaign spent $124,587, while Case’s campaign spent $48,722 during that time.

An examination of Hirono’s spending shows that she relied heavily on campaign consultants and fundraising planners last quarter. The congresswoman paid $68,714 for those services, more than her Democratic opponent spent in total. Case confirmed to Civil Beat that he had no consulting expenses last quarter.

Hirono also partnered with groups that endorsed her to try to secure support. For example, she paid the abortion-rights group EMILY’s List $7,389 in postage for a mailer. Such expenses appear to have paid off: Hirono got significant donations from EMILY’s List supporters across the country.

Here’s a look at some of Hirono’s key expenses over the last three-month period:

Recipient Purpose Amount
Gragert Jones Research Consulting $33,586
Hirschberg Strategies Consulting, fundraising $16,096
Trilogy Interactive Website development $16,650
Kieloch Consulting Consulting, fundraising $15,677
Endo & Company Accounting $7,459
EMILY’s List Federal Fund Postage for mailer $7,389
AKM Consulting Consulting, fundraising $3,355
Council for a Livable World Mailing expenses $3,300
Bankcard Center Credit card payment $4,043
NGP Van, Inc. Campaign software $2,700
O&R Consulting Printing, stationary $1,999
Wong & Oshima Office space $1,035
ActBlue PAC Merchant fees $1,007
Democratic Party of Hawaii Voter file $1,000
Democratic Party of Hawaii Contribution $1,000
Hawaii Telcom Telephone bill $736
Council for a Livable World Email appeal $500

Some of the consulting expenses included hundreds of dollars for airline and train tickets, fees for car service, as well as lodging at the Manhattan Centre Hotel and catering by restaurants such as The Monocle on Capitol Hill.

Case, on the other hand, spent nearly half of his money repaying a $20,000 personal loan in connection with terminating Case for Congress, his campaign committee from a previous election.

Case spent hefty sums on printing, stamps and the Merriman River Group poll that ultimately earned him a rebuke from Senate Democrats.

Case also spent hundreds of dollars on airfare, which matches his focus on reaching voters throughout Hawaii on the campaign trail.

How Case Spent Campaign Money

Recipient Purpose Amount
Case for Congress Transfer of funds $20,000
Service Printers Hawaii Printing $8,746
CompleteCampaigns.com Database, credit card fees $5,135
Island Printing Centers Printing $4,247
Merriman River Group Poll $3,500
U.S. Postal Service Stamps $3,964
Ward Center Rent $2,321
Happy Days Restaurant Food, headquarter opening $1,925
Doug Behrens Design Campaign material design $1,590
Costco Mailing supplies $1,194
TrueFire’s Mail Dog Email server $1,173
Tante’s Restaurant Fundraiser $1,000
Office Depot Office supplies $934
Hawaiian Airlines Plane tickets $812
Hawaii Telcom Telephone service $763
Costco Food for opening $591
FedEx Business cards $511
AON Risk Services, Inc. Insurance $469
FedEx Campaign mailing $352
LavaNet Inc. Web Server $386
A-American Self Storage Storage $336
Hawaii Printing Corp. Printing $293
JetBlue Airways Airfare $249
Fisher Hawaii Office supplies $211
Costco Food for volunteers $137

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