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5 p.m. New Life For Akaka Bill?

A single sentence inserted into a draft of a funding bill for the U.S. Department of the Interior may lead to federal recognition of Native Hawaiians — a key aim of the Akaka bill.

The sentence, which came from Dan Inouye, links federal recognition to Hawaii’s recognition this year of Hawaiians as the indigenous population.

Inouye spokesman Peter Boylan said in an email to Civil Beat, “The Hawaii Congressional delegation is committed to federally recognizing Native Hawaiians in the 112th Congress, with the strong support of the Governor and Hawaii State Legislature. We will continue to pursue a variety of options to effectuate passage.”

3 p.m. Lingle On Taxing The Rich

According to this report, Linda Lingle says she would oppose a tax on millionaires, as proposed by President Obama.


In my state, the majority of businesses are small businesses. The majority of them report their income as personal income. So while people may want to call it a “millionaire’s tax,” in fact, it’s a tax on small business, because almost every business in Hawaii will report their income as personal income. They have an LLC, they have a sole proprietorship, and that means if their business only earns $250,000, now they have to pay higher taxes at a time they’re struggling to keep people employed. So for me, they put that label on it, others put that label. I call it a small business tax, and therefore I could never support something like that.

1 p.m. Lingle On Faith

DC808 has this item today about Linda Lingle comparing herself with GOP moderates like Rudy Giuliani.

The same article in reference features Lingle telling a Las Vegas audience she feels left out by the way Republicans often refer to God:

“I understand the strength of the Christian faith, but I’m telling you that it makes people feel excluded and not included,” said Lingle, who is Jewish. “They may never say anything to you, but I’ll tell you, they feel it, and when they feel it, they don’t join us.”

12:30 p.m. Whoa, Canada!

A 23 percent increase in the number of Canadian tourists visiting Hawaii in September — the 15th consecutive month of double-digit growth in that market — helped boost total arrivals by 4 percent.

As compared with the same month last year, total visitor spending grew 19.7 percent ($165.1 million) from September 2010 to $1 billion.

Arrivals from the U.S. West and U.S. East were also up following three months of declines.

Statement from the Hawaii Tourism Authority‘s Mike McCartney:

September’s growth included the continued increase in Japanese visitor spending, as well as an increase in visitor arrivals, the first of such increases in six months. And we are hopeful that the uptick in arrivals is a sign of recovery of the Japan market.

11:20 a.m. About That ACLU ‘Tool Kit’

Released yesterday, ACLU Hawaii‘s First Amendment Tool Kit is a detailed document, useful to protesters, law enforcement and media.

Kinda fun, too. Excerpts:

If I get arrested, and I “go limp,” is that still considered “resisting arrest”?
Probably not, but if you use any sort of physical force against the officer, you can be charged with another crime like resisting arrest.

Can I carry a fake gun?
Not if it looks anything remotely like a real gun (unless you are involved in a “living history presentation or other activity for historical interpretation or educational purposes” or you are participating in a parade with “an established historical organization, museum, military preservation organization, or other similar group). This can be very dangerous for you, because law enforcement may respond as if it is a real weapon.

Can I wear a mask as part of a protest?
Yes, unless you are concealing your identity while committing a crime (or trying to evade capture after committing a crime).

APEC News You Can Use

KITV has this report about shops near the Hawaii Convention Center concerned about customer access during the APEC summit.

West Hawaii Today has this item on how APEC is expected to draw diplomats and prostitutes to the state.

Pono Shim, president and CEO of Enterprise Honolulu, will discuss his film “Aloha: The Key to Hawaii’s Survival” beginning at 5:30 p.m. at the Kailua Elementary School Cafeteria.

The film and discussion, hosted by state Sen. Pohai Ryan, “is designed to connect Hawaii business with their counterparts in the APEC member economies,” according to a press release.

Plan To Reopen Kulani Prison

Check out the latest in Neighbor Island government-related news:

Army to hold public meetings on expanding live-fire training capabilities at PTA

Molokai Department of Taxation Office temporarily closed

Vegas man found guilty of having gun in suitcase in Lihue airport

Kulani prison plan moves ahead

Proposal for Maui fire chief hiring authority dies

Yagong seeks $10M for parks

Kahului “gold trees” hold little value for neighbor, 90

Kauai Court: Hamman was never candidate

Work begins on Holualoa pedestrian path

Kauai salt pond caretaker honored

Accord requires Maui officer to resign on drug charges

Solomon may escape BLNR fine

Saddle Road’s final construction increment blessed

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