It comes as no surprise that the University of Hawaii‘s highest paid employee is in the athletic department.

UH Manoa football coach Greg McMackin is the highest paid employee with a $1.1 million base salary. He earns about $620,000 more than the next-highest paid employee across the university’s 10 campuses.

The names on the list of the 10 highest-paid university employees haven’t changed since last year. But seven of their base salaries have increased slightly.

McMackin and the dean of the medical school still make more than the president of the 10-campus public university system. And all 10 earn more than the highest paid state employees outside of the university system.

McMackin is also the highest paid football coach in the Western Athletic Conference, according to a November report by USA Today. Mack Brown, coach of the Texas Longhorns, is the highest paid coach across all conferences, at a $5.19 million salary, according to the report.

Most of UH’s 10 highest-paid employees maintained their rankings from last year, except for the dean of the business school, who moved up one spot to No. 6, bumping an astronomer down one spot from last year.

Here’s a list of the 10 highest paid UH employees along with their salaries from last year. (A list of the 50 highest paid positions is below. Read a related story on all University of Hawaii salaries.)

Name Position 2012 Salary 2011 Salary
Gregory J. Mcmackin Head Football Coach, UH Manoa $1,100,004 $1,100,004
Jerris R. Hedges Dean, John A. Burns School of Medicine, UH Manoa $479,760 $469,680
M.R.C. Greenwood President, UH system $427,512 $427,512
Michele Carbone Director, Cancer Research Center of Hawaii, UH Manoa $391,416 $379,056
Aviam Soifer Dean, William S. Richardson School of Law, UH Manoa $382,992 $374,928
Vernon Vance Roley Dean, Shidler College of Business, UH Manoa $357,000 $349,488
Rolf-Peter Kudritzki Researcher, Institute for Astronomy, UH Manoa $351,696 $351,696
Virginia S. Hinshaw Chancellor, UH Manoa $344,880 $337,632
John Michael Pezzuto Dean, College of Pharmacy, UH Hilo $324,504 $317,664
Peter E Crouch Dean, College of Engineering, UH Manoa $307,272 $300,792

The salary increases for these employees aren’t raises, according to the university.

UH says the eight executive positions on the list — not counting the football coach or astronomy researcher — received pay cuts between 6 percent and 10 percent during the 2010 fiscal year due to budget cuts.

“Effective July 1, 2011, their salary reductions were adjusted to 5 percent restrictions, to bring the reductions in line with other university and state employee groups,” said UH system spokeswoman Lynne Waters. “That is why some positions show an increase over last year; their salary reduction percentages were reduced slightly from the previous year. They would not be characterized as ‘raises’ since these employees are still working at reduced salaries from previous years’ higher rates of pay due to continued budget constraints. President Greenwood’s reduction remains at 10 percent.”

Here’s a list of the 50 highest paid UH employees, and their titles as provided by the university.

Rank Name Position 2012 Salary
1 Gregory J Mcmackin UH Head Football Coach $1,100,004
2 Jerris R Hedges Dean, Medicine & Prof $479,760
3 M.R.C. Greenwood President & Professor $427,512
4 Michele Carbone Dir Cancer Res Ctr & Res $391,416
5 Aviam Soifer Dean & Professor Of Law $382,992
6 Vernon Vance Roley Dean, College Of Business $357,000
7 Rolf-Peter Kudritzki Researcher $351,696
8 Virginia S. Hinshaw Chancellor And Prof $344,880
9 John Michael Pezzuto Dean, Pharmacy & Prof $324,504
10 Peter E Crouch Dean, Engineering & Prof $307,272
11 Gary Kent Ostrander Vice Chancellor & Prof $304,968
12 Laurence N Kolonel Professor $292,956
13 Carl-Wilhelm Vogel Researcher $292,956
14 Ralph Victor Shohet Prof, Medicine $292,188
15 Donald Orral Straney Chancellor & Professor $291,192
16 Linda K Johnsrud VP Academic Plng & Policy $290,928
17 Lawrence P A Burgess Prof, Medicine $285,792
18 Guenther G Hasinger Dir Of Res Inst & Astro $280,920
19 Benjamin Berg Prof, Medicine $280,524
20 Loic Le Marchand Researcher $273,732
21 Marla J Berry Professor $273,132
22 William L Ditto Dean & Prof $272,880
23 Reed W Dasenbrock Vice Chancellor $270,768
24 Howard S Todo VP For Budget & Finance/CFO $265,824
25 Steven M Stanley Researcher $260,436
26 Richard Yanagihara Prof, Medicine $257,208
27 David S Mcclain Professor $249,996
28 Brian Taylor Dean, SOEST & Prof $249,888
29 Mary G Boland Dean, Nursing & Prof $247,248
30 Linda Chang Prof, Medicine $242,640
31 David K Lassner VP For Info Tech & CIO $241,848
32 Francisco J Hernandez Vice Chancellor $237,288
33 Neal A Palafox Prof, Medicine $235,776
34 Beatriz L Rodriguez Professor $231,480
35 Marjorie K H Mau Prof, Medicine $229,164
36 John F Morton VP For Comm Colleges $228,360
37 James J Donovan III Director Of Athletics $228,000
38 James R Gaines VP For Res/Prof/Int Ex Dir Arl $227,520
39 Elizabeth K Tam Prof, Medicine $225,588
40 David M Karl Professor $225,564
41 Darolyn H. Lendio VP Lgl Aff & Univ Gen Counsel $223,488
42 Patricia Blanchette Prof, Medicine $221,237
43 Cecilia M Shikuma Prof, Medicine $217,596
44 Sylvia H L Yuen Int Dean & Dir Res & Ce & Spec $215,064
45 Magdy F. Iskander Professor $214,344
46 Andrew W Nichols Specialist $213,936
47 Brian K Minaai Associate Vice President $213,768
48 Rockne C Freitas VP Student Aff & Univ Comm Rel $213,768
49 Kathleen D Cutshaw Vice Chancellor $212,064
50 William G Chismar Interim Dean & Prof $211,512

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