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4:40 p.m. Hirono on Supercommittee

From a press release from Mazie Hirono‘s congressional office:

This is a disappointment shared by families across Hawaii who asked for a balanced approach to our budget that makes cuts that won’t hinder our growth, ends the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest among us to ensure we are all paying our fair share, and protects benefits for veterans, Social Security, and Medicare.

As we move forward with the budget process that involves automatic cuts to defense and domestic programs, we must take a careful and considered approach toward these cuts in both areas. …

4:20 p.m. Hannemann on Supercommittee

Turning political, Mufi Hannemann (@MufiHannemann, 556,410 followers) today tweeted about the supercommittee’s failure to get a deal passed in D.C.:

Those we elect must have experience in bringing ppl together & not be afraid to make decisions based on what is right vs politically popular

That means being able 2 make the tough choices ncssry to build a more prosperous future 4 all Americans

3:50 p.m. APEC Quarterbacking

KITV has this report on the malo-wearing torch runner that freaked out Hillary Clinton during APEC.

Eric Gill has written for The Hawaii Independent his view that Oahu paid a high price to host APEC.

Hotelier Richard Kelly has penned this piece on how APEC was “an outstanding success.”

And eTurboNews says the summit was a missed PR opportunity.

3:10 p.m. Evaluating Hawaii’s U.S. Senate Race

National Journal has this article that includes Hawaii’s U.S. Senate race as one that’s “up for grabs.” But the Rothenberg Political Report says the race still leans toward Democrats.

One of the Senate candidates, Linda Lingle, meanwhile, released a statement today following the failure of the congressional supercommittee in D.C., which she blamed on “a lack of leadership” — something Lingle’s opponents might agree with as well.

2:35 p.m. Hayashi Honored for Innovation

District Court Judge Leslie Hayashi has received the Judicial Innovation Award for a pilot project called Pono Kaulike.

“The objective of the project, which began in 2003, is to help parties reconcile after conflict, and to help victims and reduce recidivism in offenders by promoting offender empathy for victims,” according to a press release.

1:25 p.m. Chong Named House Majority Leader

Press release excerpts:

House Speaker Calvin Say announced today that he has selected Representative Pono Chong to replace Blake Oshiro as the Majority Leader for the Hawaii House of Representatives.

“Pono has worked very hard for the people of Hawaii and the House of Representatives, especially during the budget crisis of the past three years. As Majority Whip during those years, he was a major contributor in resolving the crisis. … Blake has recommended Pono has Majority Leader. …”

Oshiro will leave the House Dec. 7 to serve as deputy chief of staff for Governor Abercrombie. In related news, Say has named C.J. Leong as the House’s chief clerk, replacing Pat Mau-Shimizu, who is heading to the Hawaii State Bar Association.

11:15 a.m. DOE’s Matayoshi on the Stand

The seemingly never-ending Hawaii Labor Relations Board hearings on HSTA v. State continue, and Civil Beat is there live-blogging.

DOE Superintendant Kathryn Matayoshi is again on the witness stand.

10:35 a.m. Gov: It’s Shane Victorino Day

UPDATE: Neil Abercrombie today announced he has proclaimed Shane Victorino Day.

The Maui-born center-fielder tweeted (@ShaneVictorino, 60,597 followers) out his reaction to the news: “Whoa … honored!”

Hirono and Obama

Mazie Hirono‘s congressional website is currently featuring a handful of photos of her welcoming the president and first lady to Honolulu for the recently completed APEC summit.

They include a dramatic shot of Air Force One illuminated at night.

Djous Give Thanks

Lovely photos of the family of Charles Djou helping out with the Institute for Human Services‘ Give Thanks Project, where volunteers pack and deliver food and other goods to Hawaii’s less fortunate.

The U.S. House candidate himself couldn’t be there, of course, as he is serving in Afghanistan.

Hanabusa’s Tool Kit

Colleen Hanabusa‘s campaign website includes a link to a toolkit to help supporters hold house parties for the candidate.

It includes ways to get involved (e.g., “Put up a lawn sign”), important dates to remember (e.g., “Last Day to Register to Vote: October 9th, 2012”) and fundraising tips (e.g., “Set a goal of how much money you think you can realistically raise”).

Lingle at Palm Beach Synagogue

Linda Lingle was the featured guest at Palm Beach Synagogue in Florida over the weekend.

Read our DC808 item on the event. (Here’s the link to Lingle’s U.S. Senate campaign website.)

Case on the Trail

Ed Case heavily tweeted (@EdCaseHawaii, 1,456 followers) during his talk story round over the weekend. Tweets included the following:

The frustration is palpable. A woman is almost in tears about general apathy. It’s amazing to see the passion; we need to do better. #HiSen

Carroll on APEC

U.S. Senate candidate John Carroll, an attorney, may be filing lawsuits on behalf of businesses that say they lost money because of the APEC summit.

“The 14th amendment is basically the right to pursuit of happiness which when they shutdown your restaurant you can’t really pursue much happiness,” said Carroll. “The 5th amendment says you cannot have an unlawful taking because of a government action and this is what has happened here.”

Mauna Kea Telescope to Remain Broken for Months

Check out the latest in Neighbor Island government-related news:

UPDATE: Na Wai Eha water use process OK’d

Big Isle police put damper on Toys for Tots parade

Kauai Council backs ban on aquarium trade

Waikoloa’s $44 million Kamakoa Nui affordable housing project advancing

Victorino proposes sweeping changes to water legislation

Homelessness on Big Isle persists

Legislature may revisit over-the-counter medicines law

Mauna Kea telescope to remain broken for months

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