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1 p.m. Budget Cuts Change Traffic Bureau Hours

The Traffic Violations Bureau in Honolulu District Court (1111 Alakea Street) will no longer be open until 9 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. Instead, effective next Monday, the office hours will be from 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (counter service is from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

Press release:

“Although having counter service available on Wednesday nights was an added public convenience, particularly for people who work in downtown Honolulu, eliminating the extended hours has become necessary due to budgetary restrictions,” said First Circuit Chief Court Administrator Glennard Fong. “We hope our Internet and telephone payment systems and the fact that traffic abstracts and other documents can be obtained at any district court will continue to meet the greater needs of our users, including those who were formerly served during the extended hours.”

11 a.m. HGEA, the Favored Nation

Here’s a copy of the letter Randy Perreira sent to the state’s labor negotiator, Neil Dietz, on Nov. 18 demanding that contract negotiations be reopened.

The HGEA’s “favored nation” clause in agreements forged with the state earlier this year allows the state’s largest union to renegotiate should another public-sector union get a better deal — something HGEA suggests is the case with the United Public Workers, which struck its own deal earlier this month.

Briefing: Clean and Sober Programs

Three state House committees are scheduled to meet at 2 p.m. at the Capitol.

Here’s why:

To discuss the important work of clean and sober living programs and their recovery and rehabilitative focused efforts, as an effective option to better address homelessness, those suffering from either a mental condition or substance addiction, and those who are dually diagnosed, suffering from both a mental condition and drug addiction.

The Department of Human Services, Alahou Clean and Sober Program, Hina Mauka and Catholic Charities of Hawaii are among those invited to participate.

A Romney In Hawaii

Matt Romney — son of Mittis expected to attend a fundraiser Friday at a Diamond Head Road home.

A host committee for the event includes Pat Saiki, Fred Hemmings and Stacey Djou.

Gov Releases Judicial Nominees

On Saturday morning, the Office of Attorney General quietly released three lists of judicial nominees provided to Neil Abercrombie by the Judicial Selection Commission.

David Louie said the governor still opposes the idea of releasing the names. But the administration will no longer fight the matter following the commission’s decision to release the names and a court ruling that found no compelling reason to keep them secret.

Here are the names, with bold indicating the governor’s selections since approved by the state Senate:

Associate Justice, Hawaii Supreme Court
Derrick H.M. Chan, Daniel R. Foley, Sabrina McKenna, Craig H. Nakamura, Richard W. Pollack

Judge, First Circuit Court
Leslie A. Hayashi, Shirley M. Kawamura, Lono J. Lee, Karen T. Nakasone, Bode A. Uale

Judge, Second Circuit Court
Mimi DesJardins, David M. Jorgensen, Kelsey T. Kawano, Rhonda I.L. Loo, Douglas J. Sameshima, Joseph L. Wildman

Lui Gets Day In Court

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