WASHINGTON — Sen. Daniel Inouye appears to be the wealthiest member of Hawaii’s congressional delegation, according to net worth estimates from the Center for Responsive Politics.

Based on required disclosures, Inouye could be worth as much as $4.4 million, which ranks him 186th wealthiest among 535 members of Congress. Rep. Mazie Hirono appears to be the next most affluent from Hawaii, with a net worth of as much as $3.4 million.

No. 1 on the list is California Republican Darrell Issa, whose net worth is estimated to be as high as $701 million.

Gauging a lawmaker’s net worth is an inexact science because required disclosure forms do not mandate exact values but rather a range. To get a sense of the net worth of members of Congress, the center added up reported assets, then subtracted liabilities.

Here’s how Hawaii’s senators and congresswomen stack up, based on the center’s 2010 data:

Lawmaker Minimum net worth Maximum net worth Average net worth
Sen. Daniel Inouye $2.0 million $4.4 million $3.2 million
Rep. Mazie Hirono $1.4 million $3.4 million $2.4 million
Rep. Colleen Hanabusa $1.1 million $2.7 million $1.9 million
Sen. Daniel Akaka $619,000 $1.4 million $990,500

Those estimates, based on required disclosures, may still be off. Members of Congress are not required to list their congressional salaries, nor do they have to disclose personal residences — or mortgages owed on those residences — that are not held as investments.

Congress members do, however, have to disclose much of the same information about their spouse’s finances as they have to disclose about their own. Read more from the Center for Responsive Politics about the limitations of disclosure-based estimates of net worth.

For more details about what Hawaii delegates disclosed last year, read a related article about the senators’ most recent filings and an article about Hawaii’s congresswomen’s most recent filings.

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