An ordained Hilo minister who believes marijuana is a religious sacrament is about to spend his second Christmas in federal lockup awaiting trial.

Meanwhile, a federal judge on Monday released on bail a Honolulu police captain found with more than a half pound of methamphetamine and other drug-dealing paraphernalia in his home.

Where’s the equity?

HPD Capt. Carlton Nishimura hardly comes with a clean resume. Even before federal agents arrested him for the drugs, he’d already been awaiting trial for corruption, tampering with a witness, and taking bribes for giving illegal game room operators tips before raids.

In Nishimura’s case, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Seabright ordered his release despite requests from the prosecution that the police captain be locked up until his trial.

Roger Christie, the Hilo pot minister, has been in federal prison for 17 months. Found to be a “danger to the community,” Christie has repeatedly been denied bail by Hawaii federal judges, whose rulings were upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Both marijuana and methamphetamine are illegal, but methamphetamine is clearly the more destructive drug.

If this is what the federal government considers justice, it’s a head scratcher.