Honolulu Police took no time to evict Occupy Honolulu protesters from their encampment Thursday after Mayor Peter Carlisle announced that the city had completed a survey to establish the boundaries of Thomas Square Park.

After allowing the encampment at Ward Avenue and Beretania Street for almost two months, police moved in Thursday night and arrested two of the residents.

About eight police officers and several workers from the Department of Parks and Recreation swept the encampment.

The city confiscated two large canopies, three bicycles, kitchen equipment, a sofa and other belongings and cleared the concrete area where the encampment was established Nov. 5. Eight protesters were arrested that day for refusing to leave the park when it closed at 10 p.m., the last time police made arrests at the encampment.

Police Sgt. Cullen Kau said the confiscation of the belongings was not the execution of a new ordinance banning possession of personal belongings on sidewalks or in public parks for more than 24 hours, but enforcement of the park closure. The new ordinance requires 24-hour notice before confiscating any belongings from public property.

Irate protesters criticized the city and the police for not allowing them enough time to remove their belongings. About 20 protesters hastily moved a dozen tents, books, food and some chairs on the sidewalk, outside the new boundary.

Earlier in the afternoon, a team from the Department of Transportation marked the concrete to show the boundary of the park. Civil affairs police informed the protesters to remove the tents and other belongings but did not say exactly when the eviction would occur.

About 8:45 p.m., police toured the encampment and told the protesters that they would be back at 10 p.m. when the park closes.

Exactly at 10 p.m., three civil affairs police arrived and looked into each tent. One officer read the statement:

“It is after 10 p.m. … It is unlawful to enter or remain in a public park during the night hours that the park is closed to the public providing that the signs are posted … If you fail to leave the park enforcement action will be taken. Please comply and leave the park.”

Protesters remained quiet and complied with the police and did not cross the small white dots marking the boundary of the park painted by the survey team.

A half-hour later, half a dozen police returned to the camp and announced the belongings left in the park were “illegal” and warned the protesters to remove the belongings or face having them removed.

Police warned protesters not to cross the boundary and said they would not arrest or cite anyone who “actively” clears the belongings.

Police, however, arrested 51-year-old Stephanie Keenan, who they said, “chose to be arrested” and was not “actively removing belongings.”

Occupy Honolulu protester D’Angelo Mcintyre, 25, was arrested for previous parking violations, unrelated to his presence at the camp Thursday night.

Occupy protesters called the police action “an attack” on their peaceful movement. They said they anticipated the eviction but were dismayed by the city’s action and a short notice.

“We got a small hit tonight,” said Todd Hammond, “but we’re not going away. If not here, somewhere else.”

Protesters can still erect their tents on the sidewalk as long as the 36-inches remains clear for pedestrians and wheelchairs, police said.