pre·da·tion n. 1. The act of plundering or marauding 2. The capturing of prey

There is no greater threat to human social evolution than institutional predation on cultural visionaries. Pre-trial punishment of a Hawaiian peacemaker reinforces the dominance of institutional warmongers, provoked by the messenger’s simple truth: Cannabis is a God-given, essential “herb bearing seed.”

It is enormously significant that a religious leader in the “legitimate debate” has been politically imprisoned without trial, without bail, without visitors, in Honolulu Federal Detention Center since July 2010. Federal and State Constitutions, and the International Declaration of Human Rights were all written to prevent the atrocities of injustice being committed against Hawaiian Cannabis Ministry founder, Reverend Roger Christie.

Marauding “drug war” zealots in the U.S. Department of Justice are feeding opportunistically on a State licensed minister who has spoken up to reclaim everyone’s “First Freedom.” Incredibly, a single word is all it took to undermine the Rule of Law in President Obama’s home state. Religious freedom and due process are subverted by mere absurdity; the slanderous notion that Reverend Christie is “dangerous.”

Decades of public testimony proves that the opposite is true. In fact, Reverend Christie is a widely respected ambassador of peace, heroically standing up for the world’s oldest global culture.

Roger Christie has been an outspoken resident of the Big Island for more than
25 years, published, broadcast, and publicly available. Imprisonment of Hawaii’s first “Ho’omaluhia Peacemaker” honoree insults his ohana’s respect for a quarter-Century of public advocacy.

Reverend Roger is a true hero, a good friend, and a gentle-hearted man, much appreciated for the wisdom, boldness, humor and humility he brings to the Cannabis debate. His motivations and accomplishments are imbued with Aloha and a courageous, spirited desire to achieve harmony for the Big Island.

As a political candidate, he campaigned to stop the methamphetamine epidemic destroying Hawaii. Roger’s homegrown “ganjanomics” realistically integrates peaceful Cannabis values away from the black market by allowing a free local market.

Christie’s rationale for making Big Island Cannabis available is backed by federal research and empirical evidence, establishing a correlation between marijuana eradication and hard drugs increases in Hawaii. A report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, posted on his ministry website, presents conclusive evidence that substantiates Roger’s views.

The absence of statutory definition to establish what constitutes “dangerousness,” makes our courts susceptible to discretionary prejudice. One “anti-Constitutionally vague” word has given reefer-mad prosecutors the power to invade “a legitimate Ministry” and extract confessions of guilt through prolonged, coercive imprisonment.

Published research, majority opinion and world leaders are demanding an end to the
violent, costly, counter-productive prohibition. As the nutritional properties of raw Cannabis is revealed, Reverend Christie’s sacramental regard for Cannabis is vindicated. We lose precious time and deny responsibility for the future in tolerating systemic ignorance of Cannabis value.

In reality, drugs don’t make seeds. Herbs bear seeds. By proper definition, our freedom to farm “every herb bearing seed” (Genesis 1:29) is the first test of religious freedom. Rightful jurisdiction of government cannot include imposing scarcity of an essential agricultural resource given to mankind by the Creator.

For 10 years, on Main Street in Hilo, Roger’s Ministry successfully reclaimed everyone’s religious freedom. His Hawaii State Cannabis Ministry license is a courageous effort to respect the law, while
honoring sacred traditions of the world’s most ancient herb-based culture.

Roger’s ministry is a wealth of Cannabis creativity, philosophy, celebration and religious scholarship. Roger is the first person I know to include Cannabis flowers in making the Holy Anointing Oil used by Jesus, following the recipe in the Bible (Exodus 30:23). Several people have been healed of life-threatening skin infections after using the oil as a topical antibiotic.

Spiritual legitimacy conveys legal supremacy. Roger has reinforced entheogenic value as a leader of the contemporary Cannabis culture in many ways, including going to prison for his beliefs. Roger Christie’s release from prison must be effected immediately if “religious freedom” means anything. A
Grand Jury review of Reverend Christie’s selective prosecution is clearly warranted.

We have nothing to fear but the atmosphere itself. If humans don’t resolve imbalances we’re imposing on the atmosphere, Earth will become uninhabitable. The polar shift in values necessary to avoid global catastrophe is limited by time. Our opportunity to heal the planet will not last much longer.

As radioactive water from Fukushima engulfs Hawaii on its way to the mainland, and solar UV-B radiation intensity doubles, it is critical that people see beyond the lies of prohibition: Cannabis is essential for resolving many of the imbalances we are all facing.

Increasing UV-B radiation is largely due to deforestation of the boreal regions encircling the planet’s sub-arctic. Aerosol “monoterpenes” exuded into the stratosphere by the fragrant ‘Taiga’ forests reflect UV-B radiation away from the planet and seed cloud formation, shielding the Earth. Elevated UV-B exposure causes genetic mutation, immune suppression, abnormal cell growth, increasing global temperatures and declining crop production.

Logging and insect infestation have killed fifty percent of the boreal forests, drastically reducing atmospheric monoterpene concentrations. Cannabis is the only crop that produces sufficient quantities of monoterpenes in the limited time we may have left to repair Earth’s atmosphere.

On March 16th, President Obama became the seventh American President to acknowledge the “strategic” value of Cannabis “hemp” in Executive Order 13603.

Roger Christie’s legal argument has the potential to include “essential civilian demand” for Cannabis referred to in E.O. 13603 and three other federal documents addressing emergency preparedness.

UV-B levels in Hawaii are roughly double that of the mainland. Fortunately, the “dietary essential” value of raw Cannabis is being revealed, even as ubiquitous threats to our health compound.

About the author: Paul von Hartmann is a global Cannabis scholar, exercising “freedom of religion” through “essential civilian demand” for a “strategic” “herb-bearing seed” “of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country.” His 25-page essay transcending prohibition, “The
Fundamental Challenge of Our Time” was translated into Dutch and adopted as the manifesto for the world’s first Cannabis College, in Amsterdam (1998).