UPDATED 5/16/12 9 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Civil Beat hosted a discussion on the Hawaii Accountability Project on Wednesday evening in the newsroom. You can watch a recorded video of the conversation below.

The Accountability Project showed us that Hawaii may have good laws when it comes to government transparency and accountability. But there’s a huge gap between what’s written on paper and what actually happens on the ground.

But what comes next?

On Wednesday, Civil Beat hosted a discussion on the State Integrity Investigation, its key findings and the implications for Hawaii.

You can watch a recording of the conversation here.

The conversation is part of the “Democracy Under the Influence” discussion series — monthly meetups that explore the connection between money, influence and politics in Hawaii. The events are cosponsored by Common Cause Hawaii, Kanu Hawaii and the League of Women Voters.

Hawaii earned an overall C in the data-driven study, which measured the strength of laws and practices that encourage openness and deter corruption in all 50 states. Hawaii earned C’s and and D’s in most categories.

While the results of the project first came out in March, Civil Beat has been republishing the “Corruption Risk Indicator” questions, and the grades in each category. (Click here to learn more about the methodology used for the project.)

Learn more about the Accountability Project here.