An investigation has cleared Jim Donovan of wrongdoing in the canceled Stevie Wonder concert fiasco. He won’t be returning to the job as athletic director, but the university appears committed to finding him a nice place to land.

As Ian Lind writes in his blog:

We’ve got $200,000 in public funds that went walkabout on Donovan’s watch, and he is being removed from his position as athletic director. And there’s a report of the investigation into the missing money that may or may not be made public.

BUT…yes, it is a big but–Donovan is getting a golden parachute worth more than $600,000 in the form of a newly created job the campus doesn’t need and for which Donovan seems to have only the barest qualifications.

Here’s the job description for Donovan’s new gig: 

“…significant responsibilities in designing, creating, articulating, marketing and communicating to the community, including assisting with the evolving land grant mission of the University.”

Lind picks it apart. Check out his full blog post.