Honolulu Councilman Tom Berg is offering a $100 reward to anyone who can identify a law authored by his opponent, state Rep. Kymberly Pine.

Sound like a hoax? It is — sort of.

That’s because, contrary to what Berg says Pine claims, Pine has never succeeded in passing legislation she authored.

In a message designed like an old-fashioned Wanted poster, Berg says the $100 reward is for “the capture of legislation” authored by Pine.

The dispute began during a PBS debate last month. Berg grilled Pine about her record in the Legislature. Pine has represented Ewa Beach in the state House since 2004.

Berg pointed out that Pine has never authored a bill that was passed into law.

Pine denied Berg’s accusation, responding, “I have brought over 100 measures that I have passed, many where I am a primary introducer, by the way.”

The two are vying to represent the Honolulu City Council district that includes much of west Oahu. Berg, the incumbent, has held the seat since winning a special election in December 2010.

During the debate, Pine offered to post a list of the measures on her website, which she did. That document lists 119 measures.

Mocking Berg’s offer, the link to the document invites readers to collect $11,900 from the councilman.

But Berg says Pine is trying to deceive voters by insinuating that she wrote — not just supported — the bills.

“Representative Pine is trying to get the public to believe that she was successful in her eight years as a state representative and had championed many bills that she quote-unquote wrote,” he told Civil Beat.

Her deceit, said Berg, pertains to the logistics of developing legislation.

By saying she’s passed more than 100 measures, Pine is implying that she both wrote and introduced them, he said.

Pine, a Republican, wrote and introduced about 20 bills last year, none of which passed, a Civil Beat review shows.

“You will never see her name listed first on any one of those bills,” Berg said, referring to the list Pine posted on her website. “You didn’t do the work, you didn’t do the research — you merely signed your name, and now you’re taking credit for it … That’s the disservice, that’s what’s being so disingenuous with Representative Pine. It was the others who wrote them, who did all the work.”

But Pine says Berg is accusing her of saying things she never said.

“This whole conversation is stupid,” she said, noting that she didn’t claim she authored the legislation. She also pointed out that she said “measures” — not bills. Measures include resolutions.

Asked about her track record in the Legislature, Pine said it’s not always about the person who wrote the bill.

“In the Legislature, we work together — that’s how things work in government,” she said. “It’s not about taking credit.”

Pine also pointed to Berg’s record as a councilman. Berg, she said, introduced nine bills in 2011 and 2012, none of which were enacted.

Still, Berg emphasized that it’s Pine’s alleged dishonesty that bothers him.

Berg said his $100 reward serves as an “educational tool” primarily for Pine supporters. Many of them have emailed Berg, citing the measures listed on Pine’s site and asking him for money. But when he asks them to send him laws that Pine actually authored, they don’t respond, he said.

“She wants everyone to believe she wrote the bill because her name is on the bill,” he said. “It’s very deceitful because, to say ‘they’re my bills,’ well, are they your bills?”

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