Befitting his significance to his state and his country, statements on the passing of Daniel K. Inouye have been passionate and heartfelt.

They have come from the White House, the floors of Congress and from the Pentagon; from the Hawaii Legislature and Native Hawaiians; from rap moguls and gay advocates and just about everyone else.

They came in official press releases, tweets and videos. They included Mazie Hirono in the U.S. House of Representatives and Gov. Neil Abercrombie in executive chambers both tearing up when speaking about Inouye.

Civil Beat excerpts highlights from the reaction to the loss of Inouye, 88, who died Monday in Washington, D.C.

  • President Barack Obama: “Tonight, our country has lost a true American hero with the passing of Senator Daniel Inouye.”

  • Vice President Joe Biden: “As my mother would say, the greatest virtue of all is courage, and Danny was courage personified…He was one of the most honorable men I ever met in my life, and one of the best friends you could hope for. He was honest, and fiercely loyal, and I trusted him absolutely.”

  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: “From his earliest days in public service to his last, he inspired others to reach for the American dream — because that’s exactly what he did…Danny was an icon in his native state of Hawaii and a tireless advocate for the disenfranchised, minorities, and women throughout the country. He spent his life working for a brighter future, and we are all better off for it.”

  • Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta: “The men and women of the Department of Defense have lost one of their most dedicated advocates, and I have lost a dear friend, with the passing of Sen. Daniel Inouye. His life of service to the people of Hawaii and to this nation embodied the essence of the American dream, and the heroism of the greatest generation.”

  • Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar: “We have lost a true American hero this evening, but Danny’s legacy will live on in the hearts and minds of those he touched over his eight decades of service to the nation he loved and cherished. His indelible mark on American politics will forever remind us of a patriot who always put the people above his party.”

  • Secretary of Education Arne Duncan: “Senator Inouye understood that education is an investment, not an expense, and he consistently stood up for the students of Hawaii and our nation. After heroically serving in World War II, he completed college and law school with help from the G.I. Bill, leading to a lifetime of public service and a commitment to bipartisanship that I deeply respected.”

  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki: “Senator Daniel K. Inouye stood among the ‘greatest’ of our ‘Greatest Generation’…On behalf of America’s 22 million Veterans, I salute the memory of a brave man, a great patriot, a devoted public servant, an unwavering benefactor to Servicemembers and Veterans of every generation, and my friend and mentor.”

  • U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader: “My dear friend, Senator Daniel Inouye, the Senior Senator from Hawaii, was one of the finest men I have known in my lifetime. He was one of the most distinguished senators this body has ever seen. He was a soldier of incomparable bravery and a man of uncommon decency, and it is with deep sadness that I mark his passing.”

  • U.S. Sen. Daniel Akaka: “Senator Inouye was a true patriot and American hero in every sense. His legacy is not only the loving family he leaves behind, it can be seen in every mile of every road in Hawaii, in every nature preserve, in every facility that makes Hawaii a safer place. Dan fulfilled his dream of creating a better Hawaii.”

  • U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono: “This is a tremendous loss for Hawaii and our nation, and I am deeply saddened and shocked my longtime friend is no longer with us… While we lost a great public servant and human being today, his memory is guaranteed to live on for generations to come.”

  • U.S. Rep. Steny Hoyer, House Minority Whip: “As Hawaii’s first Congressman and, subsequently, as a nine-term Senator, Daniel Inouye embodied the spirit of ‘aloha’ in his work.”

  • U.S. Rep. Judy Chu, chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus: “Today, our nation lost a great American. Senator Daniel K. Inouye was a decorated World War II hero, an inspirational leader and the highest ranking Asian American in the history of the United States…His passing has left a void that cannot be filled.”

  • U.S. Rep. Colleen Hanabusa: “Senator Daniel K. Inouye dedicated his entire adult life to service to America and Hawaii. As a volunteer soldier fighting in Europe during World War II, as a Territorial legislator, and as a member of Congress, he never wavered in his commitment to placing the needs of the people he served before his own…I will miss him, and I join our state and our nation in mourning the loss of a great American and a wonderful man.”

  • U.S. Rep.-elect Tulsi Gabbard: “Senator Inouye was a true servant-leader who inspired so many to step up and serve Hawaii and our nation….He has and will continue to be an inspiration and mentor to me and countless others around the world.”

  • Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie: “The Senator gave everything. He knew the true meaning of ‘Go for Broke.’ He left us with a legacy of honor and service to the people of Hawaii, to the people of this nation, without parallel.”

  • Hawaii State Senate President Shan Tsutsui: “Today, we have lost a true American hero. Senator Dan Inouye served the people of Hawaii and our country with great dignity and honor. A true statesman, his lifelong work has left an indelible mark on Hawaii and he leaves behind a legacy that we will never forget.”

  • Hawaii State Senate Minority Leader Sam Slom: “The death of Senator Daniel Inouye today is a tremendous loss to our state and our nation. He was larger than life and had an impact far beyond his beloved Island State. In his own life, he shattered many barriers, more than deserved the Medal of Honor, and always fought for his positions and for Hawaii. He was a true hero and was the foundation of Hawaii’s economy. His ability to get things done is legendary, unsurpassed, and he always crossed partisan lines.”

  • Hawaii House Speaker Calvin Say: “On behalf of the House of Representatives, words cannot express the profound impact Senator Inouye had upon our state and our nation…He has truly been a great hero for our people, past and present, and he will remain one of the great historical figures in Hawaii’s history for time immemorial.”

  • Hawaii House Minority Leader Aaron Ling Johanson: “His remarkable commitment to the people that he served throughout his long and impressive career is incomparable, both as U.S. senator for 50 years and in combat in World War II. He was a dedicated statesman and will forever be remembered as one of Hawaii’s most influential and beloved individuals.”

  • Rep. Derek Kawakami: “Kauai, Hawaii, the United States of America have lost a champion, a hero, and a friend today…He has accomplished and helped out more people in one lifetime than many of us would be able to do in a hundred lifetimes.”

  • Chief Justice Mark. E. Recktenwald, Hawaii Supreme Court: “On behalf of the Hawaii State Judiciary, I extend our deepest sympathy to Mrs. Inouye and the Senator’s family. Senator Inouye dedicated his life to serving the people of Hawaii and our nation. He was a decorated war hero, a great statesman, and a tireless advocate for equality and justice. His passing is a great loss.”

  • Honolulu Mayor Peter Carlisle: “I send my sincere condolences to Senator Inouye’s family and hope to speak with his wife Irene about how to best respect the senator’s wishes and memory.”

  • Hawaii Mayor Billy Kenoi: “Senator Inouye was a friend and a mentor to generations of public servants…I look to him with the same respect, honor and love that I feel for my parents.”

  • Kamana‘opono Crabbe, CEO of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs: “Pau ka ʻoe hana, pio ka ʻoe ahi, pala ka ʻoe ʻāhui. Your work is done, your fire is extinguished, your [banana] bunch has ripened…The Native Hawaiian people will remember him as our ally and champion, a man who spent decades shepherding law after law to honor America’s trust obligations and improve the health, education, and well-being of Hawaiʻi’s first people.”

  • M.R.C. Greenwood, president of the University of Hawaii: “This was an extraordinary man with a legacy which will never be surpassed…Senator Inouye was a man of great compassion and dignity. It was a privilege for me to have known him. He left his mark on the world and changed the lives of many for the better. We are grateful that he passed our way and left his legacy, and we will always be in his debt.”

  • Charles E. Morrison, president of the East-West Center: “We are deeply saddened by the loss of a great patriot and statesman who served his nation and state in many different capacities… Thanks in large part to the Senator, the Center has a strong set of programs that serve an important function in U.S.-Asia-Pacific relations and understanding. Moving ahead, our work is one of the many legacies that Senator Inouye leaves behind.”

  • Geoffrey Bannister, president of Hawaii Pacific University: “Senator Inouye was more than a friend to Hawaii Pacific University, he was a friend to the cause of education…We’ll remember him for his gentle wisdom, his sense of honor and duty and his warm friendship.”

  • Susan Jin Davis, board chair of the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies: “Senator Inouye is our model for future leaders in our community. An American hero has been lost and will be missed by all.”

  • Blair D. Collis, president of the Bishop Museum: “The State of Hawai‘i and the nation has lost a man whose loyalty to country and love of his island home was truly unequalled. Bishop Museum will always remember U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye as a compassionate man who possessed an unwavering commitment to the culture and history Hawai‘i and its native people.”

  • David Chang, president of the Hawaii Republican Party: “He will be leaving behind a legacy of selfless service that will always be remembered.”

  • Michael Golojuch, chair of the GLBT Caucus of Democratic Party of Hawaii:** “Today not only did the State of Hawaiii but the entire country lost a statesman and a honorable politician with the passing of Senator Daniel K. Inouye.”

  • John Henry Felix, CEO of the Hawaii Medical Assurance Association: “Dan did not let party politics get in the way of accomplishing something important for Hawaii. He always was only concerned with the greater good of the islands and our nation.”

  • Randy Perreira, executive director of Hawaii Government Employees Association: “A true champion of working people, Sen. Inouye’s legacy will live forever for all of us in Hawaii.”

  • Mike McCartney, president and CEO, Hawaii Tourism Authority: “He was a true advocate for Hawai‘i, and a strong supporter of Hawaiii’s largest economic industry, tourism. Senator by definition was an ambassador of peace who embodied and shared the aloha spirit, introducing the world to Hawaii, its people, place and culture.”

  • Scott Larimer, co-chair of Equality Hawaii: “Sen. Inouye has long been a beacon of hope for those who endured ridicule and retribution for being different. Our hearts go out to his family, friends and all people of Hawaii. His tireless advocacy for the civil rights of all people will always be remembered.”

  • Nancy Keenan, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America: “Sen. Inouye was a pro-choice champion for reproductive freedom…The legacy he leaves behind is one committed to ensuring that all women could make the reproductive-health care decisions that were best for them and their families.”

  • Roger Dow, president and CEO of the the U.S. Travel Association: “Today, the U.S. travel community lost a close friend and ardent supporter. Sen. Daniel Inouye was a tireless champion for travelers. He understood the important role that travel plays not only in driving Hawaii’s economy, but also America’s economy.”

Inouye’s death also made waves on Facebook and Twitter: