The fourth floor of the Hawaii state Capitol was reportedly the scene of a confrontation between farmers, pro GMO folks and anti-GMO activists.

Details are still emerging, but multiple sources tell Civil Beat that the confrontation — which erupted early Thursday afternoon during the annual Ag Day celebration — involved Dean Okimoto of the Hawaii Farm Bureau, Shin Ho of Ho Farms, GMO opponent Jessica Mitchell and members of Babes Against Biotech.

UPDATE: According to Nomi Carmona, head of the Babes, Okimoto was the aggressor in the incident. The group has uploaded video to YouTube, video that Carmona said backs up their side of the story.

The video is posted below, and most of the action is within the first 2 minutes. Carmona is in white and doing most of the talking; Okimoto is in blue and appears to grab the camera; Mitchell is the one pushing the stroller.

Carmona said a complaint would be filed with the Department of Public Safety against Okimoto. Sheriffs were called to break up the confrontation.

Other witnesses, however, say Mitchell and the Babes were the agressive party, and that Okimoto was trying to defend Ho.

UPDATE: A phone message to Okimoto was not immediately returned, but Civil Beat did speak with him around 3:30 p.m. He said security asked him if he wanted to file charges against the GMO opponents, but he said he declined.

“But these people are getting entirely out of hand,” he said. “They want this kind of attention.”

Ho explained that the confrontation came in several stages. She said it was the anti-GMO people that were the agressive party, yelling and screaming at the farmers, while Ho was trying to have a civil engagement with them.

Ho said Okimoto tried to intervene to help Ho and to block the video camera. At some point somebody pushed someone, and that someone pushed back.

The alleged confrontation came at about the same time that two Senate committees approved a resolution to study the impact of GMO labeling. Okimoto, unable to testify, sent another person from the Farm Bureau — which supports the reso — in his place.

As Civil Beat reported, the GMO fight has sometimes been an ugly one.

—Chad Blair