Former Rep. Ed Case sent out an email this afternoon to friends announcing he will join Outrigger Enterprises Group as the Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer. 

“With this new path, I won’t be a candidate for public office as long as I’m with Outrigger. Since I hope that’s a long time, this likely ends any further political career,” he said.

Case said, though, “I fully intend to continue to participate in the public life of our Hawaii and country and look forward to those opportunities.”

Case served in the Congress from 2002 to 2007, before coming in third in the 2010 special election, and then losing to Mazie Hirono in last year’s Senate primary.

He leaves the firm Bays, Lung, Rose & Holma. Case in the email said he’d been looking for his next challenge when the position with Outrigger came up. He said, “Like so many of you, I practically grew up with Outrigger. A now-66 year old local company which has stayed true to its Hawaii roots and values…

“Today Outrigger is writing its own new chapters, sharing what makes Hawai’i so special beyond our shores throughout the Pacific and Asia and now, in Mauritius, almost to Africa. 

“I’ve always believed not only in being the very best we can be in Hawai’i, but also in our ability to rise to the top throughout the rest of our country and world, whether it be in politics, business, lawyering, sports, music or any other field. In joining Outrigger, I hope to contribute in this way not just to the Outrigger ‘ohana’s future but to Hawaii’s as well.”





Kery Murakami