Our media partner KITV is reporting that a century-old statue of President William McKinley at the Honolulu high school named after him is becoming embroiled in controversy. 

Some members of the Native Hawaiian community, including Windward Community College lecturer Keanu Sai, are saying that the treaty the McKinley statue holds confirming Hawaii’s annexation is historically inaccurate. 

“When it failed, the United States unilaterally enacted a law  that says we got Hawaii that’s not a treaty , yet the document he is holding is a treaty it should be a resolution of annexation, The two are very, very different,” said Sai.

This isn’t the first time community members have questioned the statue, according to the school’s principal Ron Okamura. KITV reports that Okamura, who has a history background, says he understands the concerns but just hopes he doesn’t come on campus one day to find the statue missing the hand that holds the treaty. 

— Alia Wong