That warning comes from the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, a coalition of organizations urging House Republicans to reach agreement and end the government shutdown.

 Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders went to the polls in 2012 in record numbers because we want a government that works for all our communities,” said Deepa Iyer, NCAPA chair, in a press release. “The federal shutdown severely impacts hundreds of thousands of federal workers and shutters a wide range of federally supported programs, including education, housing and health programs that our communities rely upon. …”

 “The shutdown could soon cut about 19,000 Head Start spots across 10 states, which provides early childhood care, and food and health services to low-income children and families, including thousands of AA & NHPI youth,” said Quyen Dinh, co-chair of NCAPA’s education committee. “Children will go hungry because our elected leaders have halted critical government programs. …”


—Chad Blair