Gov. Neil Abercrombie has released $46 million for capital improvement projects ranging from repairing the roof of the State Capitol to building a new veterans center in Kona.

“Many of these projects are ‘shovel ready’ and will immediately energize our growing construction industry,” Abercrombie said in a statement. “When complete, Hawaii will have improved correctional facilities and safer hurricane shelters, along with a better state hospital and public library system.”

Here’s a full list of the projects from the press release:

$15,540,030 – Department of Public Safety (PSD) General Administration, Lump Sum CIP, statewide – Design and construction funds for 14 CIPs at various PSD facilities, including: Halawa Correctional Facility, Waiawa Correctional Facility, Oahu Community Correctional Center, Women’s Community Correctional Center, Kauai Community Correctional Center and Maui Community Correctional Center.

$15,500,000 – New Nanakuli Public Library, Oahu – Construction funds for an 18,000-square-foot public library to serve the communities of Nanakuli and Maili. The new facility will include multi-purpose rooms and a sound room for recordings, along with a covered entryway and lanai.

Hawaii State Capitol PF

Hawaii State Capitol

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$3,343,300 – Hawaii State Hospital, Various Repairs and Improvements, Oahu – Additional design and construction funds for repairs and improvements at various buildings. Projects include system-wide emergency generators and reroofing several buildings.

$3,000,000 – Hawaii State Public Library System, Health and Safety, statewide – Design and construction funds for health and safety projects at various library facilities. Improvements include roof replacement, air conditioning replacement, elevator upgrade, painting and flooring.

$2,173,821 – Office of Information Management & Technology (OIMT) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), statewide – Additional design funds for the statewide ERP project to extend consulting services contract an additional 12 months.

$2,000,000 – Various Public Buildings, Hardening of Hurricane Shelters, statewide – Design and construction funds for improvements to harden various school facilities (used as emergency shelters) with hurricane-protective measures. Improvements include upgrading windows, doors, skylights and other building components that are vulnerable to high winds and flying debris. In addition to occupant spaces, the project will provide “pet-friendly shelters.”

$1,390,058 – OIMT ERP, statewide – Design funds to finance consultant services for the statewide ERP project, which will provide the state with an integrated, streamlined approach to financial management (including budgeting), human resources management and acquisition management.

$1,268,000 – State Capitol Building, Replace Upper Roof and Fifth Floor Roof/Deck, Oahu – Additional design and construction funds for engineering costs related to replacing the fifth floor roof level sill panels and integral exterior wall assemblies and related work.

$525,000 – Waikoloa Public Library, Hawaii Island – Design funds for a new Waikoloa Public Library. The Waikoloa area does not have a permanent library and the closest library, the Thelma Parker Library, lies approximately 17 miles away.

$448,000 – Kamauleule Building, Department of Health Laboratory, Miscellaneous Roof Improvements, Oahu – Additional construction funds for the reroofing and related work at the Kamauleule Building.

$300,000 – West Hawaii Veterans Center, Planning, Hawaii Island – Planning funds for the development of a new West Hawaii Veterans Center. Currently, there is no center for veterans in the West Hawaii (Kona) area. The nearest center is 100 miles away in East Hawaii (Hilo).

$288,062 – Hawaii State Hospital, Systemwide Emergency Generators, Oahu – Additional construction funds for a centralized emergency generator and emergency power distribution system. The emergency generator will provide power to support operations in the entire Hawaii State Hospital campus, excluding the maintenance yard, Hale Awa and the residences.

$150,000 – Hawaii State Hospital, Update Master Plan, Oahu – Planning funds to update the Hawaii State Hospital Master Plan. The master plan update intends to project hospital facility requirements 15 to 20 years into the future.

$93,000 – Aiea Public Library, Replacement Facility, Oahu – Additional construction funds for a replacement facility for Aiea Public Library on the site of the former Aiea Sugar Mill. The new library will include approximately 17,000 square feet, and provide adequate space for the library’s collection, quiet reading areas, a public meeting room and adequate public parking.

$70,000 – Information and Communication Services Division (ICSD), Radio Facilities, Kalanimoku Building, Upgrade of Inverters and Related Electrical Infrastructure – Construction funds to upgrade the direct current-alternating current inverter and related improvements at the Kalanimoku Building.

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