Wind energy equipment on Maui and Oahu has killed nearly 200 flying animals since August 2007, Civil Beat’s partner KITV reported Tuesday.

Data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service also revealed that dozens of endangered animals have died due to the wind turbines, including 25 Hawaiian hoary bats, 20 nene and four Hawaiian petrels.

Four of the five wind farms analyzed by KITV are owned by the Boston-based company First Wind, which has dedicated $6.2 million to help conserve the animals. 

“In the end, our projects create a net conservation benefit for these species in Hawaii and that means increasing their numbers for years to come,” Carolyn Unser, First Wind’s community outreach coordinator, told KITV.

But not everyone is convinced. 

“I would definitely like to see a moratorium on wind power, at least in our area on Oahu and perhaps around the islands where there are birds that frequent the areas that are protected,” North Shore resident Angela Huntemer said. 

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Photo: Wind turbines on the North Shore of Oahu. (PF Bentley/Civil Beat)

— Anita Hofschneider

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