Following three pedestrian accidents along King Street in the past couple months, Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell is expediting street improvements that will increase visibility by adding five LED lights along the heavily-trafficked corridor.

In the long-term, Caldwell plans to replace more than 50,000 streetlights on Oahu, which is expected to save the city up to 60 percent in electricity costs. The streetlights on King Street are being prioritized due to the traffic accidents and work is scheduled to begin this week.

The lights, which will point downward, are supposed to be brighter than current lighting.

The city also initiated a Complete Streets Initiative in 2012, aimed at making roadways safer and more accessible to pedestrians and cyclists, as well as people with disabilities. The city is also working on an Age-Friendly Cities network, focused on making public infrastructure more friendly to the elderly population.

Caldwell announced the new lighting on King Street during a press conference Monday morning. He also urged the public to be cautious in crossing city streets.

“As mayor, I do really make the request, please slow down, follow the speed limit, follow the traffic signals. When it turns yellow, it doesn’t mean rush through, it means slow down and stop because the light is going to change,” he said. “When you think about the accidents that have happened this year alone and the tragedy that has happened, those who have been hurt and those who were driving, I’m sure those people on both sides would have wanted to avoid it. And maybe going a little slower would have made a difference.”



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