Editor’s Note: The author is writing in support of Kathryn Xian, a Democratic primary candidate who hopes to represent Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District.

I have personally seen Kathryn Xian in action and we have greatly benefited from her perseverance and dedication to making Hawaii a better place. She has been with us on the streets when our children go missing, in our homes helping us to heal, and is always only a phone call away. They say, “it takes a village,” well, she was our village.

Our daughter is a survivor of sex trafficking. She went missing for nearly five months when she was 15 years old.

Kathryn Xian

Kathryn Xian, a candidate in the Democratic primary to represent the 1st Congressional District, is an activist who has worked to battle human trafficking and violence against women.

Chad Blair/Civil Beat

After three months in a local mental health facility with minimal help and a lack of resources from the state, we lost hope and patience. We almost lost our daughter permanently, to an overdose soon after she was discharged.

While transitioning into another medical facility, my daughter was connected with Kathryn Xian. From that point on we were no longer walking in the dark.

It may seem too much to say she saved my child’s life, but she did.

She became her mentor and helped see her through to graduate from high school. Kathryn was my daughter’s safe harbor when my husband and I didn’t know how to be.

In truth she saved my whole family.

Civil Beat has covered my daughter’s story in the past. Kathryn helped my daughter through her darkest time.

It may seem too much to say she saved my child’s life, but she did … In truth she saved my whole family.

She also empowered my daughter to share her story, to help her see that she could take an active part in turning her tragedy into a powerful statement to raise awareness about human trafficking in Hawaii.

My daughter even eagerly helped Kathryn advocate for stronger anti-trafficking laws at the Hawaii State Legislature and helped train EMS paramedics in how to handle potential juvenile victims of sex trafficking.

This helped my daughter find pride in herself again, and rediscover her courage and resilience after what she endured. This helped her heal.

This woman, Kathryn Xian, is someone who cares deeply about our keiki, our aina, and the well-being of all who live here. She dedicates her life to ending injustice.

It’s rare in life to come across someone with a genuine interest in helping people and one who lives and breathes her beliefs. I call her a pitbull.

She is loving and strong, yet ferocious when protecting and representing those whose voices often go unheard.

She is a force to be reckoned with and I count my family blessed to have had her in our corner, encouraging, educating, counseling and sometimes just listening.

This is the kind of person we need in Congress — she’s someone who cares and someone who has experience helping people on the ground level through the most difficult times.

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