Our media partner KITV had this report as of 7:30 a.m. today:

PAHOA, Hawaii —Smoke is in the air as Pahoa residents wake up Wednesday morning and the lava flow moves closer to town.

The lava is burning up trees, bushes and grass on the private properties around Pahoa.

While the smoke has been moving over Pahoa town throughout the night, the lava is expected to reach Pahoa Village Road later Wednesday or Wednesday night.

The good news is it hasn’t burned up any structures overnight.  The bad news is the lava is still coming.

USGS scientists who are closely monitoring the lava say the flow shows no sign of slowing down or stopping.  It has been on the move for the past four months, which may sound like a long time until you realize this active lava eruption from Kilauea has been going on for more than 30 years.

With the lava less than 250 yards from the road, Wednesday might be the final day for nearby residents to use Pahoa Village Road to get their belongings and evacuate their homes.  The front of the flow is moving at around 10-yards-per-hour.

If the road is cut in half by the flow, residents will still be able to use Highway 130, but the roads are not that far apart — less than a half mile.

Six to 12 homes and businesses have been told to evacuate. …

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Pahoa lava 10/29/2014


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