Hawaii is often called the “bluest” state when it comes to politics. Turns out we’ve got a shade of purple.

The Hill has ranked all 50 states on a red to blue scale. It’s based on voting history and the party breakdown in Congress and state capitals.

“Washington, with same-sex marriage, legalized marijuana sales, the highest minimum wage in the country and Seattle’s liberal ethos, tops the list,” says the report. “All of the most liberal states are on the coasts or the Midwest, leaving the South and West to the redder states.”

After Washington, it’s Minnesota, Oregon, California and Rhode Island.

Hawaii is ranked No. 13: “Voted for Democratic president in last seven elections; two Democratic senators; two out of two House representatives are Democrats; two out of past three governors have been Democrats; Democratic-controlled Legislature.”

The “reddest” state — the most conservative — is Alabama.

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