Circulating now are stories that Chicago’s bid to have President Barack Obama’s library is in trouble.

Politico, for one, has this story. Excerpt:

The two proposals to establish the Obama presidential library in Chicago both face obstacles that could clear the way for New York’s Columbia University to land the institution, according to concerns raised by people involved in the selection process.

The Barack Obama Foundation has “major concerns” about the proposals coming from the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago, sources close to the foundation first told the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times Tuesday.

Obama library rendering

Photo rendering of a design plan from Snohetta and WCIT of the proposed Obama Presidential Center in Hawaii.

Snohetta and WCIT

The two Chicago institutions, Columbia and the University of Hawaii, submitted their pitches to the foundation earlier this month. President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are expected to weigh their options while vacationing in Hawaii this week and to announce a decision on the location in early 2015.

“The foundation is evaluating all four respondents across a variety of criteria,” a foundation spokesperson said. “Each institution is unique and has different strengths and weaknesses relative to the others. …

The proposal from the University of Chicago, long seen as the frontrunner to host the library, faces challenges because none of its suggested sites are solely owned by the university. …

Kakaako is the favored location for the Obama library in Honolulu.

To gain the president’s attention, maybe we should build a golf course there, too.

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