The White House on Friday announced that the First Family will leave Washington, D.C., Dec. 19 en route to Hawaii for the holidays.

Details on the visit have not been disclosed, but, based on past vacations in the islands, the trip will likely include a lot of golf for President Barack Obama, shave ice for Sasha and Malia, a barbecue with friends of Barack and Michelle, an expensive meal at a fancy restaurant for the First Couple and traffic holdups for the rest of us.

Obama will leave behind a U.S. Congress “ranked as one of the least productive in modern history,” according to Politico.

The House of Representatives barely managed to pass a $1.1 trillion bill to fund the federal government before it recessed.

The Senate, meantime, appears destined to continue its work next week, work that includes the spending bill but also “scores of presidential nominations, a package to renew expired tax breaks and a terrorism risk insurance package.”

Welcome home, Barry O.

Obama dolls

Obama dolls. Really.

Chad Blair/Civil Beat


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