Honolulu is among the top 10 least affordable cities for millennials who want to buy a house, according to analysis by the real estate website Trulia that reviewed the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S.

The study concluded that many young people are attracted to Honolulu, but may have to move away eventually to afford a home. That’s true for many cities including New York, Austin and San Diego.

“Call it the ‘millennial mismatch,'” writes Trulia chief economist Jeff Kolko. “Millennials can afford markets where they don’t live, but they can’t afford many of the markets where they do live. Many millennials who hope to buy someday will be priced out of the market where they live now. They’ll face a tough choice: Do they keep renting or move to a cheaper market?”

The median home price in Honolulu hit an all-time high of $719,000 last month. Rising home prices have been out of sync with incomes, and the supply of affordable housing hasn’t kept up with demand.

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