The Judicial Council is looking for volunteers who’d like to serve on the state Ethics Commission or Campaign Spending Commission.

Ethics Chair Edward Broglio’s term ends June 30, so the council is looking to fill one seat on that commission.

Two members of the Campaign Spending Commission — G. William Snipes and Tina “Pedro” Gomes — also have terms that end June 30, creating two vacancies on that commission.

Meeting held at the Hawaii State Ethics Commission Conference Room today.  19 nov 2014. photo Cory Lum.

The Hawaii State Ethics Commission meets recently. The term of Edward Broglio, center, ends June 30, creating a vacancy that the Judicial Council is looking to fill now.

Cory Lum/Civil Beat

As the Judicial Council explains it, the Ethics Commission addresses ethical issues involving legislators, registered lobbyists, and state employees (with the exception of judges, who are governed by the commission on judicial conduct).

The five commission members are responsible for investigating complaints, providing advisory opinions, and enforcing decisions issued by the commission. The Hawaii State Constitution prohibits members of the Ethics Commission “from taking an active part in political management or political campaigns.”

The primary duty of the five members of the Campaign Spending Commission is to supervise campaign contributions and expenditures. Commissioners may not participate in political campaigns or contribute to candidates or political committees, the Judicial Council explains.

The council creates a list of nominees that Gov. David Ige will choose from.

The council encourages anyone who’s interested to submit an application along with a resume and three letters of recommendation, postmarked by March 13 to: Judicial Council, Hawaii Supreme Court, 417 S. King St., Second Floor, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

Applications are available on the Hawaii State Judiciary website or by calling the Judicial Council at 539-4702.

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