Two years ago, our Nick Grube wrote about how Hawaii doesn’t submit its hate crime data to the FBI because it compiles its information in a different manner, “relying on prosecutorial figures rather than on arrest data.”

The topic was pertinent, as Kollin Elderts, a Kailua resident of mixed ethnicity, was shot to death by special agent Christopher Deedy, who is white, after an altercation in a Waikiki McDonald’s in 2011.

Now, a reporter for The Daily Beast has jumped on Hawaii’s FBI anomaly in a piece this week titled Hawaii Has No Hate Crimes (Officially).

Christopher Deedy at the first day of his re-trial in Honolulu on July 10, 2014

Christopher Deedy in a Honolulu court.

PF Bentley/Civil Beat

Reporter M.L. Nestel points out that Hawaii has its share of racial tensions, as relayed in this episode:

Celia Padron and her husband, Gustavo, were on a cruise with their relatives and opted to take an excursion to Maui. They loaded up in a caravan and headed to see the black sands of Makena State Park.

Once they arrived, Celia Padron told The Daily Beast, her nieces started to comb their hair, and they were approached by two “large” Hawaiian teens. One was clutching a baby.

“‘Do you think you’re pretty?’ one of the girls hissed. ‘Take your white asses off our beach.’”

Punches flew after that.

The article explains that Padron’s experience was an “isolated incident,” according to Keanu Sai, identified as “a renowned Hawaiian political scientist.”

Sai, Nestle writes, adds that his cousin is actor Keanu Reeves.

“He, like myself and all my other cousins from Kuli‘ou‘ou Valley on the island of Oahu, are all part haole, just like many other native Hawaiian families,” says Sai.

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