Hawaii hosted more visitors last month than in April 2014, and they spent more, according to the Hawaii Tourism Authority.

For the year, visitors are up but their spending is about the same as last year.

Total visitor arrivals to the islands last month (677,754) represented a 2.3 percent increase over the same period a year ago, according to the authority’s preliminary statistics. And their average daily spending was up 3.2 percent to $196 per person.

Here are some other tidbits gleaned from the authority’s statistics:

• Arrivals by air grew 4.1 percent to 665,393 visitors, offsetting a 46.6 percent decline in arrivals by cruise ships.

• Visitors arriving by air from the Western United States increased 7.7 percent to 295,683 visitors, while those arriving from the U.S. East increased 3.6 percent to 133,509.

• After four previous months of declines, Japanese arrivals rose 1.9 percent year over year to 98,240 visitors in April.

• Canadian arrivals declined 8.3 percent to 45,422 visitors.

• Arrivals from all other markets rose 2.9 percent to 92,538 visitors.

• Overall visitor days increased on Oahu (up 4.8 percent), Maui (2.5 percent) and Hawaii Island (4.3 percent) and were relatively unchanged for Kauai.

• For the first four months of 2015, total arrivals (by air and by cruise ships) increased 2.9 percent over the same months last year to 2,798,427 visitors. Total visitor expenditures of $5 billion were similar to 2014.

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