Millions of Americans spend hours lounging in front of the TV, or playing video games while eating delivered pizza.

But people in Hawaii are less likely to spend their free time being couch potatoes than in any other state, according to a recent study by Estately.

Couch potatoes are found in the greatest abundance in Ohio, followed by Alabama and West Virginia.

The study found that Hawaii residents were least likely to embrace the couch potato lifestyle, with Colorado and Utah ranked 49th and 48th.

Couch Potatoes


Estately used eight categories to measure which states spent the most time sitting on couches and recliners, and averaged the totals to determine the rankings. Those categories included the number of fast food restaurants per capita, Laz-E-Boy retailers and Google searches for video game rentals.

Hawaii ranked 41st in TV viewership and the number of Laz-E-Boy retailers, while ranking 37th and 38th in the number of fast-food restaurants and online searches for video game rentals.

Meanwhile, the Aloha state had the lowest obesity rate, and was second in residents most likely to exercise frequently. We ranked second-to-last in expressed interest for soap operas on Facebook, and 34th in the fewest hours worked per day.

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