Now that California has become the largest state to allow for physician-assisted suicide, supporters of the movement are pushing to get other state legislatures to take up the cause.

Hawaii is one of those states. An online petition is seeking 1,000 signatures to send to Joe Souki, the speaker of the Hawaii House of Representatives.

It will be a high hurdle, as the Hawaii Legislature has failed to move on so-called “death with dignity” legislation in the past.

Kids, families and early childhood advocates show their support for Family Child Interaction Learning Programs at the Hawaii State Capitol Rotunda. 12 march 2015. photograph Cory Lum/Civil Beat
A rally at the Hawaii State Capitol Rotunda. Cory Lum/Civil Beat

Still, someone identifying themselves as Jared Milrad has posted the petition. As of Sunday, it has nine supporters signed up, none from Hawaii.

It’s not clear if the petitioner is the same Jared Milrad who is a Los Angeles actor. But a person by the same name has also posted identical death-with-dignity online petitions for Colorado and Connecticut.

Here’s what the petition says, in part:

Each year, millions of Americans who suffer from terminal illnesses are unable to legally end their lives in a humane, comfortable way with the support of their families and doctors, because “dying with dignity” is only legal in five states.

Death With Dignity enables residents suffering from terminal illnesses to have the freedom to end their lives in a humane, responsible, and legal way.

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